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New Service Interview – The Significance of “ClawKiss” to Dress & Earn at NFT

New Service Interview - The Significance of "ClawKiss" to Dress & Earn at NFT

ClawKiss, a new web3 app based on its own blockchain MOOI Network

This is the fourth blockchain service offered by Cocone Group and was released globally last December.
We spoke with the service’s project leader (“PL”) once again about the outline of “ClawKiss,” its vampire-themed worldview, and his thoughts on the project.
*The settable languages for “ClawKiss” are English and Portuguese, but it is also playable in Japan.

“Dress & Earn” at NFT where you can dress up.

Please give us an overview of “ClawKiss” first.

PL: ” ClawKiss” is a vampire-themed web3 application that allows users to “dress and earn” with NFT, a dress-up application.

The genre is avatar service, but it is more like an NFT project.
While Cocone’s other blockchain services are based on avatar services and introduce NFT, “ClawKiss” is the opposite: it is a cross between NFT and avatar services.
We will create value by taking special care of NFT. That is our project this time.

How did the project come about?

PL: Originally, Cocone Group was looking to expand its business with an eye toward globalization.
Against this backdrop, the avatar brand “Selfy” (*), which began operations at Cocone in 2021 with the transfer of the business, had been expanded overseas twice in the past, and had gained a certain track record and reputation, especially in North America.
We thought that the IP of “Selfy” had potential for global expansion, and from there we decided to develop a global service based on “Selfy” .

Furthermore, it was almost decided at that time to proceed with a cross between the blockchain and web3 business domains.
In the output stage of the specific plan, with the advice of CCO Tsuchiya, we decided to use the world of vampires as the theme.

*”Selfy”: the avatar brand celebrates its 16th anniversary in 2022. With more than 13 million people playing in over 170 countries around the world, it has established itself as one of the most attractive avatar brands.

How did the project come about?

Vampires are a metaphor for people who want to express their identity

Why did you choose to work with vampires?

PL: There were three reasons. One was that the design of “Selfy” fit the vampire worldview.
Another reason is that vampires are a universally accepted motif and a very important theme.
For example, “Vampires breathe blood” is easy to explain because it has already been recognized.

The third reason is important. In creating a product in the new area of web3, we thought it was necessary to have some kind of social contact rather than just asking people to play a game because it is interesting.

The reason for this is that customers in the web3 domain are like “micro-investors.
It’s not just about making money, but when the business grows, it creates social significance, and the economy is enriched as the scope of its power expands, and as a result, the value of the tokens you hold rises.
That is what “micro-investors” are looking for first and foremost.

For example, “STEPN” also uses the significance of how much carbon dioxide has been reduced.
The NFT project has to create “value” somehow, and without the background of games, it is impossible to sell NFT art without social contacts.
So it was absolutely necessary to make social contacts.

In “ClawKiss,” the vampire is a metaphor for people who want to express and demonstrate their identity to the fullest. We are trying to build a social interface by creating a digital world where people with different values can feel at home.
The idea is to find people who want a place that suits them and say, “This (digital) is available.”

Our goal is to pursue our own digital world, with the side effect of people making money when this service spreads.

Why did you choose to work with vampires?

Finding value in NFT in terms of design, not parameters

What do you think makes “ClawKiss” unique?

PL: There are few parameter elements that are common in other services.
In “ClawKiss” and “PKCL Twins,” the value of NFT is not found in parameters (such as character or item strength), but in design.

For example, in Web2 social games, it is not uncommon for an SR weapon you spent 50,000 yen to get to be completely useless two years later. If you try to add value to the parameters, you have to keep producing above and beyond them, which leads to perpetual inflation.
Structural parameter inflation makes past items almost worthless.

Even web3 P2E services often have parameters for profitability, and when the value of the NFT goes down and the floor price goes down, the earning power is weakened and will one day crash.

The Cocone Group is trying to change this from a structural approach.
However, if we are honest, the more we try to make Talknomics sustainable, the slower the growth tends to be in the early years of the service. I guess there are pros and cons, but Cocone has swallowed this disadvantage and released this work.

Note that “ClawKiss” is also playable in Japan, but for now it is targeting Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, and Brazil.

What did you create when you added the blockchain element to the Avatar app?

PL: Although the service has only been in operation for a short period of time, I expect that a very strong social graph* will be created in the future.
By tying quest rewards to the real economy, tokens can become more valuable than the typical in-app currency to date.
They may cooperate with each other to complete quests, and in the process, a strong social graph will be created.
Information on human correlations and connections on the Web

What did you create when you added the blockchain element to the Avatar app?

It’s hard to make a normal game with Web2.

The web3 industry itself is still in its infancy, and the team seems to be constantly taking on new challenges.

PL: In this day and age, I think it’s tough to make a new ordinary shadow game on Web2.
I’ve been in this industry for about 10 years and I’ve seen marketing costs go up every year, and it’s getting harder and harder to get new customers.

For example, if you have paid a total of about 1 million yen for game “A,” it would be difficult to play other games. Because you would have to give up the assets you have accumulated by paying bills and start from scratch.
I think there are a lot of people in the industry who feel a sense of stagnation.

So, where are people who are involved in making such games headed? I believe that the web3 area is where those who are involved in making games are headed.
It’s not so much a business opportunity, but more like, if you don’t go that way, you’re going to fall.
I believe that the future will come in about three or five years when the Earning system will be implemented in the gacha and item synthesis of various services, so I am enjoying being able to do this ahead of the curve.

What were some of the challenges you faced when releasing the service?

PL: Information dissemination in marketing.
The Avatar Service overseas is like chatting using avatars, and it is different from the place where characters are coordinated to express their sensibilities provided by Cocone.
It was quite difficult to explain in words alone what was not known.
If you could actually experience it, you would understand how interesting it is.

Vampire community to resolve the blurring of generation, race, gender, etc.

What kind of world will “ClawKiss” create in the future?

PL: It is not the case that life in the real world is 100% enjoyable, and the real world has its good points and bad points. I would describe them as “uncomfortableness” that all humans feel and carry around with them. I don’t know.
I hope to create a vampire community in “ClawKiss” that can resolve the blurring of generations, races, genders, and more.

Also, and this is a difficult thing to say, but in general, the position of vampires is above that of humans.
In all of your works, you look down on people, don’t you?
I thought it would be good if I could create a place where I could feel like I could look down on the world, which has been difficult for me to do in expressing my identity.

What kind of world will "ClawKiss" create in the future?

What is the significance of Cocone’s involvement in the web3 business?

PL: I believe that what Cocone is doing now and being called “” will surely become the industry standard in the next five years, where digital assets such as NFTs can be held in a format like P2E without losing their value.

Because, as those of you who play STEPN will know, even if the STEPN token price has fallen below its peak, it’s almost impossible to use a normal (non-earning) pedometer application anymore.
Once you experience that stimulation, you can never use anything else.
The only options are to continue with STEPN or move to something that looks like STEPN.
I think the common format has become “Pedometer apps have Earning functionality.
That’s how shocking I find the experience of Earn in games.

What is the significance of Cocone's involvement in the web3 business?

We will always make our customers happy that we got to know them in the winter time.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing turmoil in the industry due to unexpected incidents and factors?

PL: Anyway, I hope spring comes soon (laughs).
And now that we have released “ClawKiss,” we are very determined to make absolutely happy those who believed in us in the early days.
We will always make happy the customers and token holders we have had the good fortune to get to know during the winter months.

We are always planning our business strategy to win in the next five years, so I see it positively as a time to grow our services with people with whom we have had relationships in difficult times and experience overcoming the winter together.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing turmoil in the industry due to unexpected incidents and factors?

One of the core ideas behind Cocone’s avatar service is “to create a comfortable digital world where people can exercise their sensibilities.
The entire Cocone Group expects “ClawKiss,” which directly embodies this idea, to establish a prominent position among the many web3 services, and the business team is working hard to achieve this goal.

Cocone is actively recruiting in the web3 business using blockchain!
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