A chance to revitalize internal communication. Revival of Cocone’s birthday party!

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Fun events that had to be canceled or held on a smaller scale are gradually returning to their pre-Corona status.

At Cocone, too, monthly birthday parties, which had been suspended for a while to prevent the spread of infection, were reinstated this April.
I recently attended a birthday party for July birthdays and would like to introduce the day’s activities!

A chance to revitalize internal communication. Revival of Cocone's birthday party!

This time, the birthday party for July birthdays was held on Wednesday from 12:00 to 13:30.

When we arrived at the deli on the day of the event, the party was already prepared by the concierge team*. Handmade luncheon mats were placed on the seats.

What is the Concierge Team?
Concierge team of the General Affairs Department. The team is mainly responsible for organizing events, maintaining the company’s internal environment, and resolving issues raised by employees.

We were divided into tables, and lunch time started promptly with self-introductions.
The special lunch for the birthday party was a soup with 15 kinds of vegetables and a w-bento of beef tongue & misuzu.

” This bento place is delicious!”
” ‘Mr. 00, where are you seated in the company right now?’

Seating at the tables was basically decided by lot drawing, but it seemed that the organizers made sure that there was no gender bias and that we were with people with whom we would not normally have much contact, so the conversation naturally became more lively. To my surprise, there was a person at the same table with the same birthday as mine! What a happy coincidence!

After lunch, it’s game time!

After the friendly lunch time, it was time for the much-anticipated game time.
It is a challenge to catch fish in a game that everyone can enjoy together.

It is surprisingly difficult for the four of us to catch fish at the right time.

Team Building with Marshmallow Challenge

Next to the game was the marshmallow challenge.

The Marshmallow Challenge is a game in which players have to build a self-supporting tower using pasta, tape, string, and marshmallows within a set time (18 minutes). The team that builds the tallest tower is the winner.

Everyone is in a serious strategy meeting.

Since marshmallows are surprisingly heavy, it is difficult to make them stand on their own without a firm foundation.

The 18 minutes we were given flew by.

The winning team in the game received a ” Cocone common ticket worth 1,000 yen to be used at the in-house gym, massage room, bar, etc. Congratulations!

At the end, everyone took a commemorative photo.

We even received a fruitcake souvenir, making it a wonderful and memorable birthday party.

in the end

Cocone’s birthday party, revived after a hiatus due to the Corona disaster.

This is a valuable opportunity to interact with members who are not easily involved in daily work, and is likely to be one of the triggers for revitalizing communication within the company.

Even after the birthday party, in the Slack channel of the participating members,

” I want to try the marshmallow tower again.”
” I will make my family proud!”
“I’m glad I joined Cocone.”
“I hope we can all get together again next year.”

The aftermath of the fun and excitement seemed to continue for some time.

We look forward to working with today’s members again next year and meeting new members as well!

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