We take a closer look at the true face of Cocone’s white idol, “Pomi-chan! In-house dog

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Hello, this is Haru, a recruiting and public relations intern!

Suddenly, did you know that Cocone has an in-house dog?
Her name is Pomi, and she has often appeared in previous articles on Cocone.

She is a French bulldog girl who turned 2 years old this year~!

We take a closer look at the true face of Cocone's white idol, "Pomi-chan! In-house dog

Look at those luscious eyes and pretty appearance. ……

Pomi-chan’s cuteness is so cute that even the employees are melting!

In the internal slack of Cocone, there is a window called “Pomi Window ” where pictures of Pomi are regularly posted by people including Ms. Ishiwata, the director and CLO (Chief Legal Officer) of Cocone, who is the owner of Pomi, just like a popular idol’s SNS. It is just like a popular idol’s social networking site.

For what it’s worth, I am also a big fan of Pomi.

I have no evil intentions at all to use the opportunity of the interview to get to know you ……! Purely! I’m just curious to know how the in-house dogs spend their day! I’m sure you’re all curious to know!

This time, under the title of “Cocone’s Employee Interview Series: Extra Edition,” we asked Ms. Ishiwata for his time to interview Pomi-chan!

When I arrived at the boardroom where Ms. Ishiwata and Pomi were staying, Pomi, who was all ready for the interview, came running out of the room.

The very welcome flop is also a machismo! Glad !!!!!

Ms. Ishiwata and Pomi!

(Ms. Ishiwata and Pomi!)

Thank you both for your cooperation today~!

So let’s get right to it: …… “Pomi-chan ” sounds very cute, doesn’t it? What is the origin of your name?

Since she was born in February, the Korean word for ” spring ” is “pom, ” which is a cute form of the name ” pomi!

Is it “Haru “? My name is also ” Haru “, so I am happy to feel some sympathy for you.
What kind of work do you usually do at Cocone, Pomi?

As an AD (“A Dog”!) at Cocone! As an AD (“A Dog”!) at Cocone, I am also responsible for patrolling the company, although I am limited to certain areas because of course there are some people who are not comfortable with dogs. ……

He is also a good salesman (?) who sometimes shows his face from the gate of the room and calls out to the employees, “” Come on in! He also has a face as a salesman.

I also provide trademarks for our in-house question bot, “Tell us about it, Pomi-chan!

Icon for "Tell me about it, Pomi-chan

(Icon for “Tell me about it, Pomi-chan”)

Hmmm, you are extremely versatile. ……

I think it is rare for a company to have an in-house dog, but what brought Pomi to Cocone?

The vice president of Cocone originally brought his dog to work from time to time, so we thought it would be a good idea to take the opportunity of the office relocation to Wakabayashi to create an environment with animals in the company. The idea was born out of the discussion.

In addition to the healing effects of animal therapy, which we had hoped for from the beginning, the program has also become a valuable communication hub, providing an opportunity for us to chat with people we would not normally have a chance to talk with, and expanding our connections when new employees come to visit us at Pomi. I feel that Pomi has become a valuable communication hub.

What is your daily schedule?

What is your daily schedule?

Some days are remote, but basically they come to the office with me when I come in!

I love people so much that I seem to be missing something on the days I can’t go to Cocone.

How has Pomi grown from when she first came to Cocone to today?

To put it plainly, Pomi came to us when she weighed about 2 kilograms, and now that she is 2 years old, she weighs 9 kilograms! I feel that she has grown up to be a very sociable child who loves people very much, just because she grew up surrounded by everyone who is kind to her at Cocone.

They have also learned many tricks ” “sit” “” hand”, “face (chin-up pose)”, and “kurun” over the past two years!

Please tell us about what Pomi likes to do or see!

In terms of toys, her favorite toy is ” stuffed kangaroo named ” Roo-kun,” who is always with her. He is Pomi’s boyfriend (laugh).

For snacks, I’m a big fan of Himalayan cheese …… or ” Himachchi ” for short.

What he loves most of all is playing with his older brothers and sisters, who are also employees of Cocone! I am always looking out of my room ” waiting for ” to come and play with me.

Pomi-chan eating a "Himachie

(Pomi eating a “Himachie.”)

Do you have any interesting gestures that are unique to Pomi-chan?

When I happened to notice this before, I thought, ” This could be quite an amazing thing. For example, when three or four employees come to visit us, Pomi always goes around to everyone in turn, equally.

Perhaps this sense of fairness, of not favoring one person over another, is something I acquired because I grew up in the company! (Laughs)

You are truly a professional idol! You have a great attitude as a member of society (dog), I have to learn from you. ……

Finally, do you have any message for those who are thinking about joining the company?

If you are a dog lover, please come visit us and pet as much as you like, so please drop by Pomi when you join us!

We will welcome you with great joy~!

Thank you!

Thank you!

~After the interview is over~.

Ms. Ishiwata: “If you like, why don’t we play ball together on the terrace?

Haru: “What? Are you sure?!!!!!!!

Ms. Ishiwata: "If you like, why don't we play ball together on the terrace?
Haru: "What? Are you sure?!!!!!!!

The starting momentum is tremendous!

Ms. Ishiwata: "If you like, why don't we play ball together on the terrace?
Haru: "What? Are you sure?!!!!!!!

Can you feel this dynamism? It’s about three times as agile as I am. ……

Ms. Ishiwata: "If you like, why don't we play ball together on the terrace?
Haru: "What? Are you sure?!!!!!!!

I’ve got it~ (smiling without letting go easily)

……………… Cute !!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day, we were also able to kindly introduce Pomi’s spectacular running & acrobatic side!

He sometimes plays with employees like this during lunch breaks.

Now, how did you like this interview with a Cocone employee?

We hope this article fully conveys the loveliness of Pomi, Cocone’s idol who delivers healing and communication. ……

Cocone is currently looking for new employees to join our team.
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