Interview with Cocone Employee #1! Server Development: Mr. Kim

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Hello, this is Haru, a recruiting and public relations intern!
Since I started working at Cocone, I feel that I have been thinking more about my future.
At first glance, this sounds like a nice, conscious statement, but there is one problem.

I can’t imagine any specific “workers ” at all. !!!!!

Yes, that’s right. I look at the employees who are busy working and think to myself, “I’m going to become a smart woman like that eventually…oh no…I’m going to be in trouble…” The “” part of this is sadly abstract. …… I’m not sure what to do about it.
I can only imagine myself “deciphering some obscure document with a smart look, typing difficult phrases smoothly, and hitting the enter key with a huge smug look on my face! with a huge smug look on my face “
This is very bad.
Therefore, from this time forward

I will interview various employees anyway about what kind of people work at Cocone and how they work!

I would like to start a project called!
In this first installment of the series, we will talk to Mr. Kim, a server engineer!

Interview with Cocone Employee #1! Server Development: Mr. Kim


I mainly work on the business logic (implementation of events and new features) related to the Pokecolo server.
Within a single project, development is divided between client and server, but the server work is primarily responsible for the data.


I think the most rewarding part is that I get immediate reactions to the work I am involved in through social networking sites.
We are very happy when our customers are happy and when the gachas and events in the app seem to be having a lot of success.
The hardest part of the opposite is, of all things, when the server fails. ……
If that happens, the service itself will not work properly, which is chilling, and we cannot afford to disappoint the people who enjoy the app, so we take our responsibility very seriously.

Kim, why did you decide to join Cocone?

It all started with an app called “Daijoubu” from Cocone.
It is an application that allows users to anonymously consult with others about their problems or, conversely, to answer someone else’s problems. When the person who consulted with us wanted ” express his or her feelings, he or she had to press and hold the thermometer displayed on the screen to warm it up and express his or her feelings.
When I saw that, I thought, “A company that makes this kind of thing is a good company! I decided to join the company.

Kim, why did you decide to join Cocone?

It was the actual exposure to the Cocone application that led you to ……!

I hear that server engineers are highly coveted by any company that uses networks.

This is the point where you can learn how to handle vast amounts of data.
It is very rare for an application like Pokecolo to have hundreds of thousands of items alone, and I think it is very rare for other applications to handle such a large amount of data. I personally feel that my ability to handle such large data has grown the most since I came to Cocone.
Then, Cocone is also good that the food in the company cafeteria is just delicious! (lol)

It was the actual exposure to the Cocone application that led you to ......!

Cocone places great importance on “sensitivity.” What does “sensitivity” mean to you?

It’s very philosophical and difficult, but in a word, it would be like “”. …… I think that nothing is exactly the same, and everyone has something more or less different.
I feel that Cocone is a company that respects and incorporates the “”” each and every one of these individuals.

Finally, do you have any advice or message for those who are considering joining the company now?

Pokecolo uses the spring framework with Java and databases MariaDB, MongoDB, and Redis, so if you have basic knowledge of these, you can do the job at first. (For the technical stack of the engineering organization, click here! →
However, we are a company that creates services, not just technology, so we would be happy to have people who are interested in providing services themselves join our team!
Let’s enjoy working together to see how what you have created will be expressed in the application and what kind of reactions you will get to it: ……!

Finally, do you have any advice or message for those who are considering joining the company now?

Thank you!

Work is something that you will face for a long time in your life, almost every day, so it is very important to know what kind of motivation and enjoyment you can have in it.
The reaction of customers to my work gives me a sense of responsibility and a great sense of satisfaction, ” Kim.
I felt that your awareness of “I am creating/providing a service! I felt that this awareness of “I am creating/providing a service!” is really strongly rooted in your daily work. ……
Cocone is currently looking for a server engineer.
If you are at all interested in reading this article, please apply!
Mr. Kim, a kind senior who bought me a glass of juice after the interview, and the delicious company cafeteria at Cocone, which Mr. Kim highly recommends, are waiting for you~!
The second session will be an interview with the client engineer!

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