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What does sensibility mean to you?

It’s very difficult to express in a word, but for me, sensitivity consists of at least two characteristics: instantaneous and various experiences.

First, regarding instantaneousness, I feel that emotional change occurs quickly at a speed different from reason (lol). Looking back on the emotional experience, I think you have not really felt that this is an emotional experience after thinking deeply about what you experienced there.

Secondly, I think that various elements such as memories and knowledge of the past stimulate emotions in a form close to resonance.For example, when you smell a scent, your memories and experiences may be recalled from the scent.It’s supposed to be a change of emotion that can’t be created without that person experiencing it.

At Cocone, we are committed to “Empowering everyone to invent themselves in our boundlessworld”. In a position to make it happen, I feel that it is important to expand the range of sensibilities within me without fear of change by experiencing various things with interest.

Why did you join Cocone?

My previous job was at a production company in the advertising industry, where I worked as an engineer, just as I do now. I decided to change jobs because I wanted to gain experience at a company that develops its own services.

Among the many companies I have worked for, I decided to join Cocone because I got the impression that the entire team communicates with each other and tries to make things better, without any division between jobs, and I felt that I would be able to work more fulfillingly than before.

Why did you join Cocone?

About Responsibilities

About Responsibilities

As a web front-end engineer, I am in charge of web application development, tool development, and system development. I myself had a lot of experience in website development at my previous job, but I joined Kokone because I wanted to gain various experiences while making use of my knowledge of the web. Since joining the company, I have been engaged in the development of tools and systems for internal use. I am able to gain a wide range of experience because I am exposed to new technologies.

So far, we have also modified the in-house lunch reservation system and developed tools related to recruitment, and we have been very happy to receive comments of appreciation from employees who have used the system, ” “It has become more ” ” and “It is very helpful.

About the team you belong to

The Web Development Office is divided into a contents team and ” infrastructure development team, and the infrastructure development team to which I belong is responsible for developing tools and libraries and improving the environment to facilitate development by the contents team. I am a member of the Infrastructure Development Team, which is responsible for developing tools and libraries to facilitate the development of the content team.

Another service infrastructure development team is a newly established department consisting of members from client and server teams that solve problems in each business by developing tools and systems, or research and development on Metaverse, one of the key keywords for future.Both teams are not only responsible for specific businesses, but also often cross-sectionally, so it is very exciting and rewarding to be involved in various businesses.

About the team you belong to

What we value in our work

What we value in our work

The important thing at work is to think carefully about why.
I believe that when working on something, it is better to have a case in which you fail but think carefully about why you failed than to have a case in which you just kind of try and succeed. Outside of work, when I play games as a hobby, I also place importance on thinking about why I find them interesting and what makes them attractive and popular.

I believe that by actively looking at ideas from outside and facing “why” from a broad perspective, you will be able to have problem-solving skills and your own criteria.

Attraction of Cocone

Cocone is an environment where communication among employees is very easy. Since my job change was timed to coincide with the Corona disaster, I was very anxious about whether I would fit in well with the many employees working in a remote environment.

However, once I actually joined the company, I found that the people around me actively tried to communicate with me, and when I told them what was going on, what I was having trouble with, or what I did not understand, many of the employees were very patient with me, so my concerns were naturally resolved.

The appeal of Cocone is that employees can share and discuss with each other what they are thinking and feeling, what kind of work they are doing, and what the situation is like, and take each other seriously.

Attraction of Cocone
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