More than just data analysis? The Rewards of Being a Data Analyst That You Can Feel Only at Cocone (Part 2)

More than just data analysis? The Rewards of Being a Data Analyst That You Can Feel Only at Cocone (Part 2)

Data Analyst (BI)” is a position that allows us to gain a deep understanding of our clients and their latent needs based on data.
In this issue, we present an interview with Ashraf, who works on the same team as Mr. Ezaki introduced in the first part.
He talked about his specific duties and what he values as a data analyst.

■Please tell us about your career to date.

I came to Japan from Malaysia 7 years ago and became an employee upon graduation at the company where I worked as an intern while attending Japanese language school.
It was a start-up company with about 10 people, so I did everything from programming to writing articles.
I was bought for my strength in numbers and was entrusted with data analysis,
I did not start out wanting to be a data analyst.

I joined Cocone last November (2021).
I felt there was a high affinity between the direction of Cocone’s services and my own hobbies, such as anime and games,
How much of the knowledge I have acquired so far can I use in such services?
I applied to Cocone because I am looking forward to seeing how much experience I can gain in the future.

Frankly, I was also attracted to the gym, deli, and other facilities.
Of course, work is important, but I felt this was a good company in that aspect as well.

■Please tell us about your career to date.

■Please tell us about your daily operations.

The day begins with a morning meeting with the management team of the service for which you are responsible.
Together with the members closest to the service, we will share the previous day’s performance, etc.

After that, we make time to actually touch the service. Numbers are important, though,
By experiencing for yourself how the services are provided and how the events are conducted,
We believe we can report a more meaningful analysis.

I’m definitely going to the gym at 12:30. LOL!

In the afternoons, we extract the requested figures and prepare documents for sharing and meetings.
I am quite busy not only with requests from the two services I am in charge of, but also with spontaneous activities.

■Please tell us about your daily operations.

What do you value and what do you find rewarding?

As a data analyst, it’s more about the business members and others who need the data than it is about producing numbers,
It is important to provide a collection of things that can be understood without explanation.
No matter how well you do the numbers, if you don’t make them understandable to others, you will not be able to take the next action.

The data analysis team is responsible for thinking about how to improve services based on the data,
If the data does not lead to better service, it is meaningless.

Through their own analysis, they predict customers’ purchasing behavior and advise planners on the best way to achieve their goals,
We are happy when the response to our services is actually positive.
I find it rewarding to know that my analysis is useful for the service.

What do you value and what do you find rewarding?

Please tell us about your vision for the future.

There are currently three data analysts on the team: the leader, another member and myself.

I respect both of them because they both have a bird’s eye view of things.
I am still a bit obsessed with the branches and leaves,
I would like to acquire a sense of seeing things from a broader perspective like the two of you.

In addition to its mainstay CCP business, Cocone is also quite active in taking on the challenge of Web3.
When the Internet first became popular, some people were skeptical,
Just as it is now an infrastructure that everyone uses, Web3 will be commonplace in a few years.
At that time, I hope the company will be known as “Cocone when it comes to Web3,” and
We feel we are ready for that.

Please tell us about your vision for the future.

■What kind of people would you like to work with?

Above all, it is someone who can exchange knowledge.
When I joined Kokone, I share what I know about writing SQL queries, and I also have my team members share their knowledge with me on a daily basis.
I would like someone who can exchange ideas and knowledge, even if not at a very high level, and raise the level of the team.

Because the data analyst at Cocone also needs to “communicate”,
I would like someone with whom I can easily talk about work as well as hobbies.
Many Cocone members talk openly about their hobbies, so I think you can also find friends with similar interests.

We presented an interview with Mr. Ezaki and Mr. Ashraf, data analyst.

What they both have in common is that they find it challenging in a way that only Cocone can.
Communicate with planners, engineers, and designers as well as data analysis,
We are proposing our own issues for the better enjoyment of our customers.

It is also rewarding to be able to see firsthand what kind of response we receive from our customers for our proposals.
Cocone is currently seeking a Data Analyst.
If you are interested, please also see this page!

Please also see the interview with Mr. Ezaki that we delivered as the first part of this report!

※This article is machine translated.

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