More than just data analysis? The Rewarding Experience as a Data Analyst Because It’s Cocone (Part 1)

More than just data analysis? The Rewarding Experience as a Data Analyst Because It's Cocone (Part 1)

Data Analyst (BI)” is a position that allows us to gain a deep understanding of our clients and their latent needs based on data.

We not only analyze the data, but also identify where the issues lie in order to better satisfy our customers,
Suggest improvements to planners and engineers.

By communicating with members of various professions,
The thing is that there are realizations that cannot be read from the data alone,
Mr. Ezaki says it is rewarding to work as a data analyst for Cocone.

We interviewed them about their specific duties and what they value.

Please tell us about your career to date.

When I was in high school, I was not very good at math, and my grades were so low that I almost stayed in school.
When I entered university and learned about statistics, I learned that it requires logical thinking but can be well understood even by the humanities brain,
From there, I became interested in analyzing data.

After graduation, he worked for a large general printing company, analyzing various data for client companies,
I have also transferred to an internal venture and gained extensive experience in marketing and customer support as well as data analysis.

The longest tenure in my career was with a major gaming company.
Analysis and effectiveness verification for the PDCA cycle of events and measures, from browser games to application games,
We analyzed a number of data, including estimates for the implementation of large-scale promotions.

I then worked for consulting firms and other firms, but have consistently worked in data analysis.

Please tell us about your career to date.

■What made you decide to join Cocone?

First, in the form of a casual interview, I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Nakano, who was then manager of data analysis at Cocone and is now a director.

From a business perspective, the characteristics and reasons for the growth of ” Pokecolo ” Livly Island,
From there, I heard that they will also take on new challenges such as metaverse and blockchain,
Cocone has a good understanding of the strengths of its services and where it is currently located,
I felt that they had a solid vision that they were trying to develop based on their strengths, and that is what interested me.

I also have to take a few days off a month for family reasons or start work late,
Cocone not only accepts such a way of working,
Another major reason is that there are various systems and initiatives that match my life and work style.

For example, the core hours of the flextime system are from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., so it is helpful that I can come to work with plenty of time to spare even after dropping off my children.
The childcare free time system also allows for effective use of time when time is absolutely necessary to take care of a child. Another significant aspect of Cocone is that the system is created and operated flexibly to suit family and individual circumstances.

■What made you decide to join Cocone?

What are your specific responsibilities as a data analyst?

First, go through the KPIs of the main services along with the services you are in charge of.
Not only sales figures, but also what kind of customers are buying or not buying, etc,
The results of the analysis will be shared with business unit members as necessary.

For example, “The amount of in-service currency in circulation is rising, so we may be experiencing a problem such as ________.
We also review each measure within the service and work with planners to come up with KPIs for new measures they are considering.
In addition, we also extract data and tabulate questionnaires as needed.

■What are your duties as a team leader?

The number of people involved in the analysis is small and we are in the process of building the organization.
Since the data analyst members are young, it is important to provide them with good support.

We communicate not only 1-on-1, but also on a regular basis, listening to the status of the business and working together to solve any problems that may arise.

We also coordinate with engineers to set up the analytical environment, and provide management with the data they need for management purposes and to provide the management team with the data they need for management purposes,
We also extract and analyze a wide range of data necessary for Cocone, the company itself, including providing data related to accounting.

■What are your duties as a team leader?

What is important to you as a data analyst and in the management of your team?

There are three things I value as a data analyst.

The first is to work in a proactive manner.
And data analysts are expected to be proactive and work on their own initiative, rather than being asked to do something,
I believe that working with such awareness is what makes a strong data analyst.
Not only do they extract data, but they also find out where the issues are on their own.
We believe it is important to work with planners and engineers to find solutions.

Second, it must be conducive to the business.
Sometimes, when we have a variety of data, we are interested in analyzing them. It is important to be interested, though,
It is important to conduct analysis that makes sense for the business, rather than simply acting on one’s own interests. To do this, you need to have a firm axis for the business within yourself.

Third, work as a team, not as a genus.
We believe that data analysts tend to accumulate knowledge and expertise on an individual basis, which is not good for the organization.
By sharing knowledge with other analysts, the team will become stronger, and the company will become stronger by working with the business.

For this reason, we frequently exchange opinions and share approaches on a daily basis to raise the level of our skills.
We are conscious of creating a flat relationship in order to create an environment where people can express their opinions.
We hope to build a strong team of data analysts through friendly competition with each other.

■What is the most rewarding aspect of being a data analyst at Cocone?

If the data is well prepared, the analysis can reveal a variety of things.

I think the basis of my interest as a data analyst lies in the fact that I can find out about it before anyone else.
Having once been in the game industry, I am aware of the depth and complexity of social game analysis, but Cocone’s CCP service is even deeper and more complex than that.

Of course, there are many things that can be understood by looking at the data, but for example, there are many cases where a new product is introduced and the reason why it sells cannot be determined from the data alone.
At such times, listening to the opinions of the designers and planners who belong to Cocone sometimes makes me realize a new way of looking at things.

As a data analyst at Cocone, you will not only enjoy and take pleasure in data analysis only,
An approach of noticing and discovering through collaboration with members of various professions,
I think you will find that “doing data analysis at Cocone” is rewarding in itself.
Above all, Cocone has all the data it needs to analyze, and it is large and in a state of big data.
We have an environment where we can immediately analyze what we want to analyze, and moreover, we are very fortunate to have the members around us.

■What is the most rewarding aspect of being a data analyst at Cocone?

■What kind of people do you want to work with?

I believe that the profession of data analyst is one in which you can acquire a variety of abilities and skills.

Cocone’s data environment, such as the availability of data and big data, and,
We would like to work with anyone who is interested in a working environment with a strong connection to service.
We also want people who have a strong image of stepping up to the next level in their careers through their work as data analysts.

And I don’t think people who simply work on requests for data analysis are a good fit for Cocone,
People who want to learn data consulting skills would not fit either.

Those who are interested in working together with members of the field to solve problems that contribute to the business through the method of data analysis,
I would like people with that kind of career image to come here.

In the next issue, we will bring you an interview with Mr.Ashraf, who works on the same team as Mr. Ezaki.
Cocone is currently seeking a Data Analyst.
If you are interested, please also see this page!

※This article is machine translated.

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