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Well, today is the 15th interview with Cocone employees (I’m starting to run out of numbers), so let’s get to it!

This time we talked to Mr. Y, the planner!

What is your current job description?

What is your current job description?

As a planner, I plan new measures and identify areas for improvement in order to update the service.

I also serve as a project manager, figuring out which version to release, which members to work on it, and managing any progress problems.

Why did you join Cocone?

In a word, I thought that the company might be a good fit for me.

I was in the game industry before I came to Cocone, but I felt it was a shame that all the titles didn’t last very long and kept shifting from one to the other. ……

I thought that the CCP genre would allow me to fulfill my desire to work on one title for a long time.

Another reason is that I have always liked cute things, perhaps because I have lived between my older sister and younger sister!

Please tell us about each of the most rewarding and difficult aspects of your job.

Please tell us about each of the most rewarding and difficult aspects of your job.

The most rewarding feeling is when a customer is happy.

With this as a basic premise, if I were to focus on the “as a planner” aspect, I would say that whether or not the services I am in charge of are showing good results in terms of numbers is also a very important factor in the satisfaction I feel.
What is also difficult is the great responsibility of the position of planner.

We must eliminate as much as possible the possibility of failure of the measures we propose, since our skills will have a great impact on the work of other professionals, especially in development.

I work with a sense of urgency, always considering the impact on people other than myself.

What do you value in your work?

It’s about “preserving a worldview.”

This has a lot to do with the fact that “the services that Cocone offers are not centered around characters that are basically packed with a setting that is exactly 1 to 100.

For example, some customers see Cocolon in ” Pokecolo Twin as a reflection of themselves, while others see it as “my child.

In such an environment, if we simply provide measures as we wish, the vast number of “worlds” that our customers have created for themselves may collapse.

Therefore, the most important thing is to carefully protect them so as not to destroy or erode all of them, while continuing to aim for further evolution.

Cocone places great importance on "sensitivity." What does "sensitivity" mean to you?

Cocone places great importance on “sensitivity.” What does “sensitivity” mean to you?

There are really many ways to look at it, but in my case, I think of it as more of an “emotional” thing. ……

I think everyone wants to live an enjoyable life, but in order to do so, I think a certain amount of stress is inevitably necessary. That may seem to contradict “fun” feelings, but in order to vividly feel happiness and enjoyment, it is surely necessary to have some hardship from time to time. ……

I believe that it is important in both work and life to be able to sense various things, such as joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, and to live with a well-balanced “sensitivity.

What is your message to those who are currently considering joining the company?

We hope that those who read this article will also take a look at the interviews with other members to learn more about the atmosphere at Cocone and the employees who work there.

And if you’re thinking, “Maybe I’m a little curious about Cocone?” please feel free to apply.

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

It is also very difficult to create a setting from 0 to 100, but it seems to be extremely difficult to leave room for each individual’s imagination. ……

After all, everyone’s tastes, imagination, and “sensibilities” are different!

In that sense, I felt that what you said, “We place importance on further evolving the world view of each customer while carefully preserving it,” is exactly the kind of thinking that is unique to the services provided by Cocone!

Cocone is currently looking for new employees to join our team. If you are at all interested in Cocone, please check out the link below!

For employment information, please click here⇒

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