No gap before and after joining the company! The deciding factor was that it was a “trustworthy company”: server/client development.

Hello everyone, I’m Haru, a recruitment promotion intern!

The sun is getting stronger by the day. ……
Last year I suffered greatly from a strange sunburn caused by a mask, so this year I want to do my best not to repeat the same tragedy.

And so, with summer approaching, this will be the 14thinterview with Cocone employees!
This time we talked to Mr. T, a server engineer/client engineer~!

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What is the nature of your work?

After joining the company in January of this year, I started out as a client engineer for ” Pokecolo Twin, learning the basics of Cocone’s services. Currently, I have been selected for a new project and am working as a server engineer.

Why did you join Cocone?

There are many, but the most decisive factor for me was the feeling that the company places great importance on “people,” including not only its customers but also its employees.

For example, I spoke passionately about what I was thinking and what I wanted to create during the interview (laugh), but the recruiter listened to me seriously, and I strongly felt that he was trying to get to know me.

From this point of view, it seemed to ooze out that Cocone is an environment that values “people.

Why did you join Cocone?

The hiring process that values “people” …… is exactly as Mr. Muroi, the hiring manager, rightly said in a previous article!

Next, I would like to ask each of you about the challenges and difficulties you have experienced in your work since joining the company.

In terms of satisfaction, the moment when the code or mechanism we have put together works correctly is a very gratifying moment, and this has not changed since I first touched the code.

As for work, the most rewarding part of my job is when customers touch the finished product and see their joyful reactions.

On the other hand, although this is also a challenging aspect of the job, it is difficult to keep up with the times. …… is a good example of this, but times are moving forward, and I think the difficult part is that I have to constantly improve my skills and expand the scope of what I can do every day, without settling for the status quo. As the years go by, more and more things are required of us, so we have to learn more and more every day, and that is a difficult part.

You have been with the company for about 4 months. Did you notice any gaps compared to before you joined?

Hmmm …… actually, there wasn’t much ……! And that is one of the nicest parts of Cocone in my opinion!

I know it’s obvious, but I think people want to make the company look as good as possible in the interview process and on the recruiting website. Therefore, a gap is created when you actually start working, and I think there are many cases like that, but such a thing has not happened to me for the past four months at least.

That makes me feel that the company is very trustworthy, and I also feel that they must trust me, which naturally makes me want to contribute. I think this is a really wonderful part of the company.

You have been with the company for about 4 months. Did you notice any gaps compared to before you joined?

Cocone values “sensitivity.” What does “sensitivity” mean to you?

I know it’s abstract, and I’m sure it varies from person to person, but my personal take on it is “the way I see things”.

For example, even when we are looking at the same thing or the same event, the way we see and understand it varies considerably depending on our individual knowledge and backbone.

I think that is very interesting, and I hope to train myself by being exposed to many things on a daily basis, even in areas not directly related to work, such as manga and movies, so that I will be able to see things in a more diverse way.

Finally, do you have any advice or message for those who are currently considering joining the company?

I think many cocone are very gentle, to put it simply. However, I am not talking about simply being “gentle,” but also having strength in a sense. ……

CTO Hongi at the time, in a previous interview.

High technical skills are a prerequisite. What is even more important is that you have the presence of mind to be kind and attentive.”
(Cocone engineers) will enjoy and overcome change while maintaining the luxury of being gentle and caring.”

I agree with him, saying, “They really are all like that.

So, if anyone is even a little bit interested in Cocone right now, I would like to invite you to meet with us in person and hear directly from us, as well as talk about yourself!

I am sure that you will be able to experience firsthand the advantages of Cocone.

Thank you!

Thank you!

I have often heard the impression that Cocone and its employees are both “kind” and “strong,” and I have found this to be true in many of the interviews I have conducted!

You cannot be kind to others unless you can afford to be that way, so I am sure that a truly “kind person” is not someone who is just timid or has low expectations of themselves and their surroundings, but someone who is very “strong” in nature.

I, Haru, would like to learn and study from the backs of many people until one day I can grasp such a way of being as a respectable member of society. ……

Cocone is currently looking for new employees to join our team.
If you are at all interested in Cocone, please check out the link below!

※This article is machine translated.

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