Engineer Heedong Yoo Message

Engineer Heedong Yoo Message

Cocone offers an environment where developers can challenge themselves and grow naturally.

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Now, with the widespread use of the Internet, there is no need to go anywhere on purpose to obtain any information. The information I want to know is consolidated on my smartphone at my fingertips and can be viewed immediately, at any time.
All of us have access to an overflow of information as long as we have a smartphone. Developers can no longer survive on IT knowledge alone.

Customers who use Cocone’s services also have a lot of information. Their needs change quickly, and it is easy for them to compare services, so they go with the highest quality.
Fully aware of this, we at Cocone do not conduct development in a top-down manner, but rather, each and every developer tries to quickly identify the needs of our customers, meet those needs as quickly as possible, and produce results. Of course, developers consult with each other and respect each other’s opinions.

We are constantly striving to improve our service and to master our skills, repeating the fun loop of serve and see how the customer responds.

We also provide an environment where anyone can take on new challenges, such as introducing the latest technology or drastically changing the system configuration of our services, as long as it will provide a more enjoyable experience for our customers.
Cocone thus provides an environment where developers can grow naturally according to the times. Of course, there are differences in growth in the same environment.

After you join our company, we are prepared to provide the support and education necessary to facilitate your further growth in accordance with your individual development.
After that, as for each person’s own growth, it depends on how much they enjoy each day.
We invite you to join us at Cocone and have fun!

Biography of Heedong Yoo

1998 Graduated from Department of Industrial Engineering, Soonwon University, Korea
1998 Joined Dubitech Corporation
2000 Joined Hange Corporation (now Naver Corporation)
2004 Appointed General Manager of Game Development Department, NHN Japan Corporation (now LINE Corporation)
2008 Joined Cocone Corporation

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