Cocone Corporation has joined the ” Sport in Life Consortium ” promoted by the Sports Agency

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Cocone Corporation (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; “Cocone”) is pleased to announce that it has been approved to join the “Sport in Life Consortium,” in recognition of its endorsement of the “Sport in Life” philosophy promoted by the Sports Agency and our efforts.

What is the Sport in Life Consortium?

The Sports Agency has established the “Sport in Life” Consortium, which consists of private companies, organizations, local governments, and others who agree with the “Sport in Life” philosophy that sports can enrich each person’s life and society by making sports a part of people’s lives throughout their lives, expanding “fun” and “joy” through sports, and creating a symbiotic society. The “Consortium” has been established. Using this as a platform for information and resources, the Consortium is engaged in a variety of initiatives, including collaboration and information sharing among member organizations, as well as awards and recognition from the Sports Agency.
(Source: Sports Agency “Sport in Life” HP )

Cocone’s efforts to reduce employee inactivity and create opportunities for sports and exercise

Based on the idea that “keeping fit leads to better work and life,” Cocone contracted with an outside gym in 2013 and started a system that allows employees to use the gym during working hours.

In 2015, a permanent gym was established within the company, as well as a professional trainer, and the current office, which relocated in 2020, expanded the functionality and scale of the gym space to include a studio where yoga and dance lessons are also available.

In order to better reflect the company’s philosophy and policies, we hire some of our trainers directly instead of outsourcing, and operate the gym as a “place for physical and mental conditioning” to meet the needs of our employees. In addition, calorie consumption is displayed on the stairs in the office to encourage employees to use the stairs, and an athletic club system that began in fiscal 2023 has authorized and supported athletic clubs such as basketball and table tennis.

We will continue to create an environment in which employees can enjoy exercise without strain and promote efforts to improve their health.

Cocone Corporation has joined the " Sport in Life Consortium " promoted by the Sports Agency
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