Media Coverage – Our system was introduced in “Rodo Newspaper”.

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Our various systems and facilities including ” cocone my time / my day ” were introduced in the ” Focus ” section of ” The Rodo Newspaper” (No. 3411), a comprehensive information paper on personnel, wages, and labor affairs that has been published for over 70 years.

The newspaper’s ” Focus” ” is a permanent feature on various corporate HR initiatives (reviewing work styles, diverse human resources, recruitment, health management, human resources development, etc.).

In the same corner, the staff introduced Cocone’s well-being initiatives, ” cocone my time / my day, ” as well as various systems such as childcare free time, a free employee cafeteria, a ” get fit ” gym, and other facilities.

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Rodo Newspaper (No. 3411)

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August 7, 2023

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Cocone will continue to further create an environment that produces high quality services and will be a source of creativity for its employees.

We will continue to provide our customers with better experiences that connect people to people and society to people in the age of the digital world, with an emphasis on creating services that value “sensitivity”.

*Cocone is working on various systems through trial and error, based on our founding desire to return time, rewards, satisfaction, and health to our employees. We are currently considering the introduction of a different system to the one described in this article.

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