Event Report Participated in “IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto” as an official sponsor!

Participated as an sponsor partner of 2023 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO, the largest startup and crypto conference in Japan

This event was held in Kyoto over three days from June 28 (Wed.) to June 30 (Fri.).
It is co-located with IVS, a high-profile startup event. It aims to promote synergy between startups and the Web3 industry and attracts participants from all over the world. This year’s event attracted over 10,000 participants! The whole Kyoto area was filled with the excitement of startups and Crypto.

MOOI Network and Cocone participated as PLATINUM sponsors for the first time.
Activities included a booth, panel discussions, and keynote speeches.
MOOI Network: Blockchain infrastructure developed by POST VOYAGER, Cocone Group.

“MOOI Network”, the blockchain of the Cocone Group, aiming to be ranked among the top 30 in the world.

This article provides an overview of the event and the talk session.

The booth was located right next to the Web3 Stage, where sessions on Web3 technologies were held, and was easily accessible to visitors, with an introduction to the MOOI Network’s SNS account, panels, and other displays, as well as a crane game with MOOI and Cocone novelty.

Oleg, director of the MOOI Network, participated in the panel talk “The Future of Metaverse: Shaping the Paradigm of Tomorrow” on the first day.

Other participants included Yuki Endo, CEO of The Sandbox Japan; Kent Byers, director of major IPs such as “Star Wars,” “Transformers,” and “Avatar”; and Idon Liu, co-founder of ChainGuardians, a famous NFT mining game. Idon Liu also participated in a lively discussion about the world of the Metaverse and the future of gaming.

Keynote Speech “Contents is King”

On the second day, MOOI Network gave a solo keynote speech on the main stage.
Oleg’s presentation titled ” MOOI Network: Revolutionizing Metaverse Services and the Gaming Economy with Web3″.

He introduced Cocone’s diverse range of IPs, highlighting that six of them alone have generated 250,000 transactions in the NFT marketplace. He spoke about the importance of IP in Web3 services, saying that “having IP that is popular in Asia, especially in Japan, and having big fans and customers is a big difference from other blockchain services” and “Content is King “

Next, he introduced the ” ease of use and real” convenience of “: MOOI Network allows NFT purchases with a credit card, and he unveiled his vision of “” Marketplace” where more service IPs would be integrated, He proposed collaboration not only with Cocone’s internal IP, but also with outstanding creators and external projects.

The speeches can also be viewed here.

On the last day, we had the opportunity to interact with many Web3 industry professionals. In particular, those who are developing NFT-related projects showed great interest in our customers and community, in addition to Cocone’s IP. Many people were also interested in our phenomenal achievement: ” achieved 250,000 transactions in 6 months “

Below are some of the comments from visitors to our booth.
I think Cocone’s IP is very diverse and of exceptional quality.” I think this kind of IP will translate well to the global marketplace.”
Cocone is already well known in the Japanese market. We already have a large customer base. I think the most important thing for blockchain services now is the content and the customers. I think Cocone has the best advantage.”

IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO What is the significance of participating?

IVS Crypto 2023 featured a number of speeches and sessions of significance to the blockchain industry. First of all, the overall opening event on Wednesday, the 27th, was marked by a video keynote speech by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, which demonstrated the high level of anticipation for this year’ “” 2023 KYOTO/IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO.

This participation is very important in many aspects.

First of all, it was the official debut of the MOOI Network.
We have attended many blockchain conferences and events, but this is the first time we have publicly MOOI as an official sponsor, setting up a booth and participating in sessions and speeches.
This was an important place to communicate.

And now we have the opportunity to officially introduce MOOI Network to the Japanese blockchain market, which is in the midst of its second recovery period. At this event, we were able to officially unveil to the Japanese market the IP power of Cocone, the dominant leader in avatar services in Japan, and MOOI Network, which prioritizes customer convenience. Going forward, MOOI Network will more aggressively enter the Japanese market and aims to be listed on the Japanese exchange by the end of this year.

Finally, the blockchain industry’s self-cleaning, user-approved services are noteworthy.
Since the launch of MOOI Network in June 2022, the global blockchain industry has been going through a period of crisis and recession due to unfortunate events such as the war in Ukraine, the significant drop in LUNA and the collapse of the FTX exchange. It is truly a period known as “Crypto Winter”.

However, there are many who judge that the recessionary period is a process of self-cleansing in the industry. The inconsiderate NFT projects that only seek profit have disappeared, and user-centered projects that focus on the value and use of IP are receiving high praise. Furthermore, there is a gradual increase in efforts to provide blockchain services that can be easily and conveniently used by traditional Web2 users. The most fundamental principle, that services that are accepted by users will succeed, is being established in the blockchain industry.

MOOI Network’s vision from the beginning was to provide an easy-to-use blockchain service for everyone. And Cocone has an advantage in traditional Web2 IP. Now may be the very time for the MOOI Network of Cocone Group to be recognized for its true value.

Please see also this article.

・Interview with SWITCH magazine, “The future of the digital world pioneered by three web services
・Cocone Group’s blockchain “MOOI” aims to be ranked in the top 30 in the world.
・Jointly held by Japan, Korea, and Singapore! Group’s Web3 business conference cocoWeb3

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