Request for Injunction against NFT Project for Unauthorized Use of Cocone Corporation’s Copyrighted Work “Livly Island”

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On December 6, 2021, Cocone Corporation (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Yosuke Tomita, Representative Director; hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) detected that the copyrighted material of “Livly Island”, an APP for smartphones operated by the Company, was being used by the following infringers without permission and was being sold as NFT items. We have demanded that the infringers be stopped from infringing our copyrights.

An example of a copyright infringement fact
Our works (authenticated)Counterfeit works
Our works (authenticated)Counterfeit works
Our works (authenticated)Counterfeit works

[ copyright infringement information ]

Infringer: a man claiming the account “One-One @bowwow_trader” on Twitter.
Name of the infringing service: SOLGIRLS:SOLG

*The infringer and infringement details are detailed below.

On December 7 of the same year, we demanded that the infringer immediately cease its copyright infringement and that Discord, the community service on which the infringer had posted the inducement on its page, and the server operator remove the counterfeit NFT.

[ Dear Customer ]

It is an infringement of our copyright for you to purchase and resell this imitation NFT knowing that you have infringed our copyright. Merely possessing the counterfeit NFT with the intent to later resell it is also considered an act of copyright infringement. Please be aware that these acts are subject to civil liability for damages and criminal penalties.

In addition, the act of communicating with the “SOLGIRLS:SOLG”, which sells (*as of December 8, 2021, “plans to sell”) infringing items, regarding this imitation NFT may itself constitute an act that encourages copyright infringement. We ask that you leave the “SOLGIRLS:SOLG” site.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in order to protect our valuable copyrights and to encourage healthy and appropriate transactions of digital assets in the world.

In addition to “Livly Island,” we specialize in the development and operation of character-based digital worlds such as “Pokecolo,” “Pokecolo Twin,” “Disney My Little Dolls,” and “Hello Sweet Days,” which have been enjoyed by a cumulative total of more than 35 million customers. We have been patronized by more than 35 million customers to date.

The avatars deployed on our various services, costumes, furniture, accessories, and other items used in the digital world have already sold more than 3.4 billion units worldwide.
The designs of the digital items we provide have been highly evaluated for their artistry. Customers actively communicate with each other about the value of the digital items, and the items are exchanged at high prices at flea markets and other venues within the service.

On the other hand, in the distribution process of digital items that are recognized as having high value, real money trade (RMT), which is prohibited, is taking place, and other realities have arisen. In addition, as shown in this case, some companies have attempted to imitate our designs, infringe our copyrights, and use them for commercial purposes.

The digital world that we offer is attracting attention as a place where people can operate without the restrictions and barriers that limit the flow of people and goods in the Corona Disaster. In particular, the concept of a “metaverse” has led to the creation of an economic sphere in the digital world that goes beyond mere communication, and the concept of “ownership” of digital assets by individuals is becoming stronger.

We have also started a project to convert digital items to NFT using blockchain technology to further protect the value and asset nature of digital items, which are highly valued by our customers, and to form a secure and appropriate market value for digital assets.

In order to answer our customers’ patronage of our digital designs, we will continue to protect the asset nature of our digital items and put systems in place to ensure that our digital assets are safe, appropriate, and held in good hands.

The first announcement of our NFT project is scheduled for early 2022.

1. Our service whose copyright has been infringed: “Livly Island”.

1. Our service whose copyright has been infringed: "Livly Island".

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2、Contents of infringement

Infringer: a man claiming the account “One-One @bowwow_trader” on Twitter.
Name of infringing service: the character entitled ” SOLGIRLS:SOLG
Infringement Server:

3, Fact of copyright infringement

As shown in the contrasting images at the beginning of this article, it is clear that the imitations have significant copyright infringement over the genuine products in almost all aspects, including body size, design, and color.

*What is blockchain technology?
In an autonomous decentralized network that does not depend on a central server, a large number of participants possess undeletable data in a distributed manner, preventing data tampering and accidents such as loss due to system downtime.

Technology that is highly available and can provide a high degree of assurance of data identity.

*NFT stands for
non-fungible token, which in Japanese is mainly referred to as “non-substitutable token.
It is a tradable data unit recorded on the blockchain, and its uniqueness is ensured by the blockchain technology.

If the items are secured by NFT, even if they are identical looking digital items, the ownership of each item will be clear and distinguishable from other items.

■What is Cocone Corporation?

Cocone provides a number of social network-based digital content, including “Pokecolo,” a character dress-up application for smartphones supported by more than 20 million customers, “Pokecolo Twin,” a sister application to “Pokecolo,” and “Livly Island,” which was released in July 2021 and has become a huge hit.

Digital contents based on social networks provided by Cocone are mainly “social services to enjoy coordinating” and “games with coordinating elements ” which have “Character” and “Coordinating” elements and customers can “Play”. At Cocone, we have pioneered this genre, which we define as “CCP(Character Coordinating Play)”.

Based on blockchain technology, we will globally release “Cobalt,” an NFT marketplace in which many creators and buyers can participate, guaranteeing the value of popular digital items and contributing to further expansion of the economic sphere in the online world in the future. In addition, based on the existing CCP service, we are challenging to build a digital world and metaverse space that can give shape to “sensibility,” which is Cocone’s forte, rather than convenience and functionality.

As part of the Cocone Group, in April 2017, we opened “International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten ” a preschool operated by our subsidiary Cocone Education Corporation, which provides a future-oriented education with bilingualism, Montessori, and computer science at its core, In 2019, we acquired “Hange”,a long-established online gaming portal as a subsidiary.

Established in 2021, Cocone Connect Corporation is developing the “noen konkatsu(Marriage Hunting in the Farm)” series and the popular avatar service “Selfy” for further development of CCP services, and Cocone Fashion Corporation operates the EC service “choiceis,” which is oriented toward a new way of selling fashion as an IT company.

We aim to build a new digital world by combining our experience in avatar development, community management, and language education with technologies such as blockchain and NFT.

Major businesses operated by Cocone Corporation

NFT Marketplace operated by Cocone Group

*NFT marketplace developed and operated by our subsidiary Post VOYAGER PTE.

■Company Profile

  • Company Name : Cocone Corporation (URL:
  • Representative : Yosuke Tomita, President
  • Location : 3-1-18 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Business Overview : Social Network Service Business, Social Game Business, Language Business
  • Established : September 2008
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