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We are pleased to announce that Cocone was interviewed by Sanro Research Institute, Inc. and featured in an article in their HR and labor affairs magazine ” Kigyou to Jinzai (December 2019 issue).

” Kigyou to Jinzai ” is a long-established media that has been publishing information related to corporate training and human resource development since 1968.

The survey was featured in a special issue on “Employee Awareness Surveys for Growth,” which introduces examples of how surveys are used in various companies. The article is a worthwhile read, as it summarizes the details of the measures, how they are used, and the thinking behind them, as well as the survey initiatives of the back-office divisions, centering on human resources at Kokone.
Please take a look.

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【Journal】Enterprises and Human Resources (Published by AIST)
【Issue】December 2019
【Title of this journal]】Special Feature: Employee Attitude Survey for Growth
【Corner of the magazine】Case 2 Cocone
Explore employee awareness mainly through semi-annual company questionnaires and monthly questionnaires, and discuss with the leadership team to apply the findings to measures (Page 26-31).

*Published in excerpts from the December 2019 issue of “Enterprises and Human Resources” (published by the Industrial and Labor Research Institute).
(Cover page / Our article magazine, each PDF file)
Business and Human Resources December 2019 Case Study 2 Cocone
Corporate and Human Resources_December 2019 Cover

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