Cocone was selected as one of the best companies in the ” Best Companies to Work for in Japan 2020 ” ranking.

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Cocone (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Tomita) was ranked 47th in the medium-sized category (100 to 999 employees) in “” Best Workplaces in Japan 2020″ ranking conducted by the Great Place to Work ® Institute Japan.

Here is an example of Cocone’s efforts.

■Personnel Evaluation Initiatives

At Cocone, we want our employees to become better people by belonging to the company. Therefore, employees have the opportunity to self-evaluate their “contribution to the company and its business” and “personal growth,” and make presentations to leadership-level members and management. In order to evaluate their own growth and contribution to the company and their colleagues more fairly and equitably, we are working to create an evaluation system that is “unique to Cocone” and leads to an individual’s willingness to grow and a sense of growth. In an internal survey, 71% of our employees were satisfied with their evaluations.

■Health Initiatives

A company is “” place where employees spend much of their time in life. Therefore, at Cocone, we consider “how to live ” to be important, including the fulfillment of energy and vitality, as well as mental and physical health.
The in-house gym is freely available during working hours and is equipped with special wear and showers. A dedicated health specialist is always on hand to provide advice on the best health regimen for each employee based on an understanding of their individual health condition.
The in-house deli serves homemade lunches and dinners prepared by a dedicated chef. A salad bar is prepared with health in mind, and we are also able to accommodate those with allergies, preferences, or religious restrictions.
Special lunches are very popular, with the chef working with foreign employees to consider and serve dishes from their country of origin from the menu.

■ Growth Initiatives

In order to grow today rather than yesterday, we offer in-house schools to learn the knowledge and practical know-how necessary to be a professional.
The core of the program is made up of experienced members organized by job category. Regardless of whether they are new graduates or mid-career hires, the program is designed to provide short-term intensive learning on practical issues, with a focus on those members we want to gain experience.
We are seeing clear results from the intensive guidance we are receiving.
Cocone will continue to strive to be a company where each and every employee grows and is happy and fulfilled in his or her work.

The Great Place to Work® Institute is a professional organization that conducts research, evaluates, and provides support for Great Place to Work®. The Great Place to Work® Institute is a professional organization that researches, evaluates, and supports Great Place to Work® companies. The list has been published annually in ” U.S. since 1998 through FORTUNE magazine, and being named to the list is ” sign of a ” top-notch company. Each year, more than 5 million employees from 7,000 companies in about 60 countries participate in the survey, making it the largest employee attitude survey in the world.

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