Efforts to Address Insults, Defamation, etc. on SNS

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The Social Media Usage Environment Improvement Organization (“SMAJ ” ), ” which Kokone Cocone Corporation (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Yosuke Tomita, President; hereinafter referred to as ” Cocone “) is a member, has issued an emergency statement regarding the posting of content intended to defame or insult individuals.

Postings intended to defame or insult are prohibited by the Terms of Use for the services provided by Cocone.

In addition, we will continue to thoroughly implement the following initiatives in each of the services provided by Cocone.

  1. Promote awareness of the prohibition of postings intended to harass others, defame or insult individuals, etc., warn violators, take disciplinary action including suspension of use, and provide necessary assistance to victims.
    Cocone is equipped with a Customer Experience Team (hereinafter referred to as ” CX ” ) that conducts periodic patrols, a function that allows users to specify terms to suppress posts in advance, and a function for customers to report problems (*Functions may vary depending on the service type and service content).
  2. In the event of a request for disclosure of information from an investigative agency, etc. based on laws and regulations (Provider Liability Limitation Act, etc.), the necessary information will be provided within the appropriate scope based on laws and regulations. Cocone will exercise caution in disclosing the content of postings due to the freedom of expression.
  3. Participation and cooperation by a special committee consisting of all SMAJ board members in the study of further measures to prevent defamation via the Internet (including but not limited to SNS).

Cocone will continue to make every effort to provide safe and reliable services.

(Note) Social Media Usage Environment Improvement Organization (Representative Directors: Tsunetoshi Shishino and Masahiro Sogabe. (Representative Directors: Tsunetoshi Shishino and Masahiro Sogabe; abbreviated as SMAJ) is an organization established in April this year to improve the environment for safe and secure use of the Internet and to strengthen measures against social media issues.

ByteDance, Facebook Japan, LINE, Twitter Japan, and other online businesses are participating.

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