Media Coverage – Mirai Kindergarten is featured in ” AERA” and “Baby-mo

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International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten, a preschool operated by Cocone Education Corporation, a subsidiary of Cocone, has been featured in the magazine.

From the cover of “AERA with kids ” by Asahi Shimbun and “Baby-mo ” by Shufunotomo.

AERA with kids” published by Asahi Shimbun “” Baby-mo” published by Shufunotomo in the October 2020 Autumn/Winter issue ” (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Mawei Ishiwatari), an early childhood preschool operated by Cocone Education Co.

*From the print version (AERA with kids, Fall 2020 issue)

■ Publication Information

AERA with kids Fall 2020 issue
Release date ] September 4, 2020
Publisher ] Asahi Shimbun

Baby-mo October 2020 Autumn/Winter issue
Release date ] September 15, 2020
Publisher ] Shufunotomo Publishing Co.

About Cocone Education, Inc.

Cocone Education, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cocone Corporation, operates ” International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten Kindergarten” in Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, which provides bilingual and Montessori education based on a four-pronged curriculum that includes computer science, “body, literature, and art ” programs. We provide a learning environment where children can express themselves creatively in order to develop the ability to create and freely manipulate AI and create a better future, rather than being controlled by AI.

What is Cocone Corporation?

We are a company that specializes in the operation of virtual worlds for women, including the avatar application ” Pokecolo ” which is now in its 10th year of operation. We focus on services that have “Character”, “Coordinating” elements, and “Play”, and have defined and pioneered this genre as ” CCP (Character Coordinating Play)”. We have been pioneering this genre, which we define as “CCP (Character Coordinating Play). We have the world’s top-ranked know-how and track record in the “CCP ” genre, with planning, development, design, and marketing all done in-house.

Cocone’s basic brand elements are “Cocoro” (heart), “Cotoba” (language), and “Network” (network), and the company name ” cocone ” is derived from the initials of these three elements. We will continue to provide better services that connect people to people and society to people in the Internet age, with an emphasis on creating services that value “sensitivity”.

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