Donation of original retort curry from the company cafeteria to NPOs, etc.

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(Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Tomita; hereinafter ” Cocone “) has donated original retort curry from its employee cafeteria ” Kokone Deli ” to several organizations, including NPO Pista and the Kitazawa Nosy Club.

Donation of original retort curry from the company cafeteria to NPOs, etc.

■Original curry from the company cafeteria

Cocone has an employee cafeteria called ” Cocone Deli, ” which serves freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals prepared by a dedicated chef on a daily basis.
Last year, the number of remote telecommuting employees increased due to the Corona disaster. To improve the eating habits of telecommuting employees as much as possible, we implemented a policy called ” Home Deli, ” which deli meals are frozen and delivered to them. We also produced retort packs of ” bamboo charcoal curry” and “bamboo charcoal dry curry, ” are also popular dishes, so that they can enjoy the taste of ” Cocone Deli ” at any time.
Sent to telecommuting employees along with other food products during online employee meetings and anniversary gatherings, it not only raised health awareness, but also helped to foster a sense of unity.

Cocone has been involved in social contribution activities to the extent possible, ” as “donations to the Australian forest fires,” “medical care,” and “parks.
As a company that aims to create an office where people can be healthy by coming to work, we wanted to make a small contribution not only to our employees, but also to the local community where our Tokyo office is located, and to people who are concerned about food. We donated a total of 1,220 boxes of our original retort pouch curry to an organization that conducts social contribution activities.

■Donation Recipients

  • NPO Pista
  • General Incorporated Association Kitazawa Meddling Club
  • 19 rehabilitation facilities in Tokyo

Cocone will continue to strive to maintain and improve the health and lifestyles of each and every one of its employees, and as a result, grow as a company and contribute to and be useful to the world.

■About Cocone Corporation

Cocone is a digital content company based on social networks that provides services supported by more than 20 million women, such as the character dress-up application ” Pokecolo ” for smartphones and the story-based puzzle game ” Cats Atelier. The company focuses on services that have “Character”, “Coordinating” elements, and “Play”, ” “Decorative Social Services “” Games with Decorative Elements”, and calls this genre ” CCP (Character Coordinating Play)”. We have defined and pioneered this genre as “CCP (Character Coordinating Play). We plan, develop, design, operate, and market our services entirely in-house, and in the “CCP ” genre, we have the world’s top-ranked know-how and track record. In April 2017, the company opened ” International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten, ” a preschool operated by subsidiary Cocone Education Corporation, which provides future-oriented education with bilingualism, Montessori, and computer science at its core, and in 2019 We made ” Hange ” long-established online game portal, a subsidiary of ours. We aim to build a new digital world by combining our experience in avatar development, community management, and language education with technologies such as blockchain and NFT.

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