Health Management Declaration

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Cocone Corporation is committed to the mission of ” Giving form to our sensibilities and bringing sensibility closer to our daily lives. Bringing sensibility closer to people. We believe that this will provide a place for growth and enable us to create services that contribute to society.
In order for the company to be not only a workplace but also a wellness place that promotes and enhances the health of each and every employee, we will further promote health management through the following initiatives.

Health Management Declaration

Priority Initiatives for Health Promotion

1.Promotion of employee health through health professionals
Through the Cocone Wellness Diary and other programs, health professionals support employees in improving their health through stretching, mindfulness, and other wellness activities, as well as the use of the in-house gym, with the goal of enabling employees ” “self-regulate their physical and mental health.

2. Support for eating habits through deli (company cafeteria)
In addition to a salad bar offering fresh vegetables, the deli (company cafeteria) offers a choice of meat and fish main menus to enjoy the pleasure of eating while consuming high quality protein. We are also working to improve the health of our employees through the provision of nutritionally balanced meals.

3. Prevention of infectious diseases among employees
We will introduce a flextime system and remote work, encourage employees to disinfect with alcohol when coming to work, and ventilate the entire building twice daily to prevent employees from contracting infectious diseases.

4. Identification of employee health issues and necessary countermeasure actions
Through health checkups, stress checks, and monthly questionnaires, the company will identify employee health issues as appropriate, and take necessary measures as a company, such as working with superiors to improve issues, or having labor relations staff conduct individual interviews and care.

Date of enactment: May 12, 2021
Yosuke Tomita, President and Representative Director

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