Donation of Proceeds from In-House Flea Market

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Cocone Corporation (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Tomita) and Cocone Fashion Corporation (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Mai Ishiwatari) donated 86,500 yen from their in-house flea market to a social welfare service corporation, Tokyo Ikuseien (a children’s home in Shimoma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo).

Donation of Proceeds from In-House Flea Market

Initiatives in the Corona Disaster (Internal Communication)

Cocone is currently implementing a hybrid work system of remote work and coming to work to prevent the spread of corona.
Employee attendance rates from last year are as follows

With the hybrid work system of remote work and actual attendance, it has become an important issue to revitalize communication among employees working together.
To this end, Cocone has been implementing a variety of initiatives, including the establishment of an in-house bar to stimulate communication within the company and a resident pastry chef, and we have also recently held an in-house flea market.
This year, however, we held both an online flea market and an offline flea market at the same time, allowing people to participate whether they were in or out of the office.
While participatory events are restricted, this event has given birth to another new type of event, where people can view items from a distance at the actual venue and buy and sell items online in peace.

Cocone will continue to flexibly explore new ways of working in the Corona disaster.

■Donation Recipients

The proceeds from this event’s sales were donated to the following organizations

Social Welfare Service Corporation Tokyo Ikuseien

Cocone has been involved in social contribution activities to the extent possible, such as donating to the Australian forest fires and donating original retort-pouch curry from the company cafeteria to NPOs and other organizations.

Cocone will continue to strive to maintain and improve the health and lifestyles of each and every one of our employees, and as a result, grow as a company and contribute and be useful to the world.

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