Cocone Corporation has been Selected for Government Project ” Visionary Management 2021 “

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Promoting the employment of advanced foreign IT personnel as a company that engages in new management methods that are not restricted by nationality

Cocone Corporation(Head Office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Tomita; hereinafter “Cocone”) announced today that it has been selected as a target company for “Visionary Management 2021,” a government project promoted by the Cabinet Cyber Security Center (NISC), Cabinet Secretariat and promoted by Zenken Honsha Co. accepted from the Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association (JISA).
” Visionary Management 2021″ website

Cocone Corporation has been selected for Government Project " Visionary Management 2021 "

■What is ” Visionary Management 2021 “?

Approximately 100 companies from all over Japan will be selected to participate in this new management method of employing highly skilled foreign IT personnel to bring in talented people regardless of nationality to their organizations. The aim of this government project is to improve Japan’s technological capabilities and to promote the development of new technologies in the country. The aim of the project is to improve Japan’s technological capabilities, revitalize the Japanese economy, and expand the employment of high-level foreign human resources to achieve these goals.

The project selects companies from various regions, industries, and company sizes that are promoting the employment of a wider range of excellent human resources, without being particular about nationality or Japanese language ability. The purpose of this report is to provide a reference for many companies that are considering the creation of organizations with diverse human resources with the same guidelines.

Since its founding, Cocone has hired people who match the organizational culture of contributing to the people around them with their skills and expertise, regardless of their nationality. To date, people from nearly 20 countries and regions are active as members of Cocone. In addition, Cocone has been making efforts to respect the cultures of each country and region, and has been selected as one of the “Visionary Management 2021” in recognition of these comprehensive factors.

” Visionary Management 2021 ” official website:( )

This project site is promoted by the Cabinet Cyber Security Center (NISC), Cabinet Secretariat, and operated by the Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association (JISA) ( ) and Zenken Honsha Co. ( as the secretariat.

■About Cocone Corporation

Cocone provides a number of social network-based digital content, including “Pokecolo,” a character dress-up application for smartphones supported by more than 20 million customers, “Pokecolo Twin,” a sister application to “Pokecolo,” and “Livley Island,” which was released in July 2021 and has become a huge hit.

Cocone’s services are mainly “decorating social services” and “games with decorating elements,” services that have “characters,” “coordinating” elements, and customers can “play”. At Cocone, we have pioneered this genre, which we define as “CCP (Character Coordinating Play).

In 2021, we will globally release “Cobalt,” an NFT marketplace based on blockchain technology that allows many creators and buyers to participate, guaranteeing the value of popular digital items and contributing to further economic expansion in the online world in the future. In addition, based on the existing CCP service, we are challenging to build a digital world and metaverse space that can give shape to “sensibility”, which is Cocone’s forte, rather than convenience and functionality.

In April 2017, we opened ” International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten, “a preschool operated by our subsidiary Cocone Education Corporation, offering a future-oriented education with bilingualism, Montessori, and computer science at its core, and in 2019, we acquired the well-established online gaming portal ” Hange ” as a subsidiary.

In 2021, Cocone Connect Corporation will be established to further develop CCP services, operating the “Noen Konkatsu(Marriage Hunting in the Farm)” series and the “Selfy” series, and Cocone Fashion Corporation will pre-launch “choiceis,” an EC service oriented toward a new way of selling fashion as an IT company. We aim to build a new digital world by combining our experience in avatar development and community management, language education, and technologies such as blockchain and NFT.

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