2022 Cocone Group “kawaii” Collaboration Promotion Declaration

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Cocone group (Cocone Corporation, Cocone Connect Corporation, Cocone Fukuoka Corporation) has created many digital items as a service. Many customers have patronized various digital items including avatars and avatar fashions from Cocone group companies.

In particular, ” Pokecolo ” released by Cocone Corporation and celebrating its 10th anniversary, has already delivered a cumulative total of more than 3.5 billion digital items to customers.

We, as a group, will strive to create a “kawaii” digital world (metaverse) where customers can come and go beyond the boundaries of each company’s services and enjoy their own worlds.

2022 Cocone Group "kawaii" Collaboration Promotion Declaration

To this end, from 2021, we have been promoting the organization (unification) of development bases for each service, sharing of know-how on item design, and creation of collaboration and synergy in planning and operation.

2022 Cocone Group "kawaii" Collaboration Promotion Declaration

In 2022, we will continue to promote event collaborations and design cooperation with various services to further meet customer needs and expectations.

As mentioned above, the world we are aiming for is a “metaverse world” in which avatars and digital items that currently only exist within each service can transcend the boundaries of each service and come and go across the various services provided by Cocone in common.

First, we will proceed with technical verification to realize digital items that can be used commonly within each service.

As a preliminary step, starting in 2021, Cocone Group is challenging the mutual use of items and item designs between services, such as applying designs from existing services and offering them in new services. In addition, in order to realize the larger metaverse world of Cocone Group, we are promoting mutual cooperation among developers and designers in the group, improving their technical skills and sharing design know-how.

(An example of a design arrangement)

2022 Cocone Group "kawaii" Collaboration Promotion Declaration

We hope that you will enjoy the items, projects, and concepts of other services that Cocone Group is involved with as you encounter them in the services you use in the future, and that you will enjoy them with us as footsteps in the realization of the Metaverse world that we, Cocone Group, are aiming for.

We hope that each of our services will grow and satisfy our customers, and at the same time, we hope that they will lead to new encounters, discoveries, and stimulation in your digital life.

We look forward to your continued support of the entire Cocone Group.

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Cocone Connect Corporation
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