[ Cocone Education ] New Director of Preschool, Dr. Shigenori Tanaka, Professor Emeritus of Keio University, Appointed.

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New Director: Dr. Shigenori Tanaka (Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Linguistics, Keio University)
New Director: Dr. Shigenori Tanaka (Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Linguistics, Keio University)

Dr. Shigenori Tanaka, professor emeritus at Keio University and advisor to Cocone Corporation, has been appointed as the new director of ” International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten (Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), an early childhood preschool operated by Cocone Education Corporation, a subsidiary of Cocone Corporation.

Message from Shigenori Tanaka, New Director

Everyone is strong and flexible

International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten (“Mirai”) opened its doors in April 2017 with the desire to “provide the best possible education for our preschool children.”

In order to realize the best possible education, Mirai has adopted Montessori education as its mainstay, which believes that young children have the ability to learn and create far beyond what adults can imagine, and that valuing their spontaneity is the greatest key to unlocking their potential. In light of the current situation in which “English proficiency is taken for granted,” Mirai has decided to provide bilingual education that nurtures solid English language skills in the children by offering them opportunities to experience and use rich English during their “golden years” of English acquisition. In a situation where digitalization is progressing along with globalization, acquiring digital competence is as necessary as English proficiency, and Mirai has incorporated computer science for young children. Another absolute must is wellness (a healthy body and a healthy mind). Therefore, Body Art Literature was added, creating Mirai’s four wheels. There has been a lot of trial and error over the past five years since the opening, but I am confident that these four wheels are now working well together to keep Mirai moving forward.

I have been involved with this kindergarten as an advisor since its opening and have watched Mirai steadily realize its educational goals. And now, by chance, I have decided to accept the role of director of the kindergarten in a way that is more deeply committed than “watching over” the school. In my inaugural address, I would like to reiterate my thoughts on Mirai’s educational mission.

If you ask me what the mission of this preschool is, I will answer as follows. It is to cultivate the foundation for the children to develop a rich life.

What does this mean?

I believe that two points are important in cultivating the groundwork for a rich life. It is often said that intellectual education, moral education, and physical education are the three major elements of educational goals. If this is not the case, something important is missing. The word “Mirai” is “dream education. We want our children to be able to nurture rich dreams for the future in addition to their intellectual, moral, and physical capabilities. The first point is to emphasize the importance of “Dream Education.

The second point is that we want to nurture the ability to face things in a strong and flexible manner. Probably no one can see the next 30 years clearly.
Looking back, 1995 is said to be the first year of the Internet. Since then, smartphones, drones, e-currency, AI, IoT, blockchain, and other things that were unimaginable 30 years ago have become a reality. What will happen 30 years from now? It is impossible to predict. But whatever the circumstances, if we are strong and flexible, we will be able to make better decisions and lead enriched lives. The word “toughness” here refers to the ability to think, judge, and act on one’s own, no matter what the situation.
And ” suppleness ” is the ability to turn differences into strength when faced with different and conflicting situations.

We believe that our kindergarten has always emphasized the importance of dream education, as well as toughness and flexibility. We will continue to value this educational mission and provide the best possible education for our kindergarten students.
We appreciate your support and encouragement.

April 14, 2022
Shigenori Tanaka

Cocone Corporation and its group companies are committed to “Bringing sensibility into shape. Bringing sensibility closer to you. KOKONE Corporation and its group companies are developing and operating services that enable customers and employees to demonstrate and give form to their individual sensitivities.
One of the missions of the Kokone Group is to provide educational services that help nurture the strong and gentle individuals who will pave the way for the future of society.

Please keep an eye on the activities of the Cocone Group.

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