Dynacomware x cocone ~seminar vol.1~ “The True Story of Fonts

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Dynacomware x cocone ~seminar vol.1~ "The True Story of Fonts

On Monday, April 18, 2022, Dynacomware Corporation, a developer of font software for computers, invited a leading font designer as a lecturer for a seminar on font and typeface development titled “Dynacomware x Cocone – Seminar vol.1 – The Real Story of Fonts. The seminar was titled “The real story of fonts” and was held on the development of fonts and typefaces.

Designers from Cocone who are in charge of UI and graphic design participated in the event, which provided an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of fonts and typefaces, which they are often exposed to in their daily design work, through explanations by professional font designers.

Cocone is actively involved in conducting seminars and other events that are beneficial to the growth of its employees, and plans to continue to offer a variety of seminars, workshops, and study groups in the future.

[ About Dynacomware, Inc.

Dynacomware is the largest font vendor in Asia and has a wealth of experience in more than 40 countries and languages. We have more than 200 Japanese typefaces and more than 60 Chinese typefaces (both simplified and traditional) in a wide variety of basic and design fonts, as well as European, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Burmese, and Korean typefaces in a variety of formats. Our mission is to connect and convey emotions and culture through font design with vital characters.

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