2023 Cocone Corporation CEO Message

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Happy New Year!

Last year, in addition to our core CCP (Character Coordinating Play) services such as the Pokecolo series and Livly Island, we took on the new challenge of launching Web3 global services such as PKCL Twins, ClawKiss, and JANKEN.
At the same time, we are promoting the salonization of the head office and introducing “cocone my time / my day” to explore our unique way of working in the new era in terms of both facilities and systems.s.
In September 2023, Cocone Corporation will celebrate its 16th fiscal year.
The Group now has nine companies (in seven countries) and approximately 1,100 employees.
We will continue to place importance on our attitude of continuous challenge and will work together as a group to achieve global success.
Please look forward to Cocone’s challenge in 2023.

Click here for an introduction to each service of Cocone Corporation.
Articles about the future of the office, including the conversion of the office into a salon.
Notice about ” cocone my time / my day

*Cocone is working on various systems through trial and error, based on our founding desire to return time, rewards, satisfaction, and health to our employees. We are currently considering the introduction of a different system to the one described in this article.

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