Appointment of Executive Vice President

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Cocone Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Mai Ishiwatari, Director and CLO (Chief Legal Officer), as Executive Vice President, effective February 1, 2023, as described below.

Reason for the appointment
To promote business development through smooth communication between the Tokyo Head Office and subsidiaries and offices in each country during the period when the entire Cocone Group (4 corporations in Japan and 8 corporations overseas) is promoting global expansion.
Ishiwatari has been working for cocone U.S. Inc., the U.S. base of the cocone group, since 2022. and cocone N.Y. Inc. He also serves as CEO of both companies.

2. biography of new appointee
Mai Ishiwatari

Born in 1977
Graduated from Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Sophia University
Registered as an attorney (55th term), 2002
2014 Joined the Company, Executive Officer
2017: Appointed Director and CLO of Cocone Corporation
2017 Appointed Representative Director of Cocone Education Co.
2022 cocone U.S. Inc. cocone N.Y. Inc. Appointed CEO (current position)
2023: Appointed Executive Vice President of Cocone Corporation

Inaugural Message

Since our inception, we have specialized in providing an online digital world.
We want to create an online world rooted in “” where people can not only connect functionally, but also exist in a freer form, express themselves, and connect with others with positive feelings. Our business concept (CCP: Charactor Coordinating Play), in which characters exist, express themselves using digital assets, and enjoy their time online and their existence in the digital world, is truly a gateway to the metaverse world. It is a gateway to the Metaverse world.
The term “Metaverse” is gaining citizenship, and we would like to take advantage of this as a tailwind to introduce the CCP genre, which we have been working on for over 10 years, to the world. We will continue to make every effort to promote the globalization of our services together with Cocone Corporation, a company with experience and a proven track record, centered on its U.S. subsidiary.
I would like to ask for your continued support and guidance, as well as that of Shintaro Takaya, President and CEO.
February 1, 2023 Mai Ishiwatari

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