Media Coverage – IOLITE, a Web 3.0 business magazine, featured one of our employees in their feature article, “The Best 30 Web 3.0 Businessmen Who Will Create the Next Generation.

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Our interview was featured in ” IOLITE ” (first issue), the only business magazine in Japan dedicated to Web 3.0.

The March 30, 2023 issue will be the first issue of IOLITE. The main feature of the issue, “The BEST30 Interviews with the Web 3.0 Businessmen Who Will Create the Next Generation,” is a project to interview people of note by the ” IOLITE” editorial staff in the Web 3.0 industry in Japan.

Yosuke Tomita, one of our employees, was selected as one of the BEST 30 in this project, and an interview with him was published under the theme of “Web 3.0 x Avatar.

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IOLITE (first issue)

-Date of Issue
March 30, 2023

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About ” IOLITE ” (Publisher: J-CAM Co., Ltd.)

-Taken from the ” IOLITE ” press release.

Iolite was launched to provide an opportunity to improve literacy about the decentralized Internet and next-generation technologies in order for Japan to once again become internationally competitive in the era of great change that is coming, expressed in the term Web 3.0. It is a Web 3.0-specific business magazine featuring topics such as blockchain technology, NFT, and Metaverse from a unique perspective in the ever-evolving Web 3.0 domain. The editorial department, which has been closely involved in various blockchain scenes around the world since its establishment, has composed the magazine with a focus on the quantity and quality of information, including the latest information in the Web 3.0 area.

Cocone will continue to further create an environment that produces high quality services and will be a source of creativity for its employees.

We will continue to provide our customers with better experiences that connect people to people and society to people in the age of the digital world, with an emphasis on creating services that value “sensitivity”.

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