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Cocone Group to Exhibit a Booth at IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto, One of the Largest Crypto Conferences in Japan, to Introduce its Unique Blockchain

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Cocone will exhibit at IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto, Japan’s largest global crypto conference, to be held at Miyakomesse in Kyoto, Japan from June 28 to June 30, 2023, together with its group company POST VOYAGER, the event’s platinum sponsor.

Exhibiting a booth introducing the Cocone Group's unique blockchain at IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto, one of the largest crypto conferences in Japan ".

About IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto

IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto is one of the largest crypto conferences in Japan focused on Web3 technologies.
Side events utilizing famous Kyoto landmarks such as Yasaka Shrine and Nijo Castle are also planned.

  • Date: Wednesday, June 28 – Friday, June 30, 2023
  • Venue: Miyakomesse
  • Organizer: IVS KYOTO Executive Committee
  • Supported by: Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren)/New Economic Federation (Shin Keizairen)

Outline of Exhibit

Cocone is the core company of the Cocone Group’s content production, planning, developing, and operating mobile applications that allow users to dress up their avatars and enjoy community. Group companies are located in seven countries and are engaged in the development of blockchain networks, as well as the operation of NFT marketplaces and the development of avatar-based services.
This year’s exhibit will focus on the introduction of the MOOI Network, a blockchain network specializing in the metaverse domain developed by POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. which is a blockchain developer within the Cocone Group, as well as the Group’s efforts to create a unique digital world service with an economic sphere created by connecting with the wealth of digital assets owned by Cocone. The presentation will focus on the group’s efforts to create a digital world service with its own economic sphere, which will be created by linking Cocone’s wealth of digital assets.

MOOI Network – a blockchain network specialized in the metaverse area.

MOOI Network is a blockchain network platform designed to establish a metaverse world.
It is based on a network that offers fast processing and affordable commission rates, a crypto wallet, and an NFT marketplace, all on a single platform developed and operated by the Cocone Group.

MOOI Network (URL: https: //

Cocone’s extensive digital assets – 1 million different items, 16 billion in circulation

Cocone has been providing services that allow people to dress up their avatars as they wish for more than a decade, including the avatar dress-up application Pokecolo and the pet-raising application Livly Island. The group as a whole has created 1 million digital items such as avatar clothing, and 16 billion of these items are distributed within the service.
By combining Cocone’s expertise in avatar community service operation with the MOOI Network, it will be possible to build a community based on the distribution of digital items and a new economic sphere in the digital world metaverse where people live as avatars.

■About Cocone Corporation

It is the core content company of the Cocone Group, which provides services such as the Pokecolo series of avatar dress-up applications for smartphones and Livly Island.
The Cocone Group has delivered to its customers around the world more than 16 billion digital assets, or items for decorating, in more than 1 million varieties, and the digital world offered by Cocone is expanding greatly. Group companies are developing a variety of future-oriented businesses such as online game portals, education business, blockchain development, and NFT market. Based on the existing services by combining our experience in avatar development and community management, language education and education business, and blockchain technology, we are building a digital world and metaverse space that can give shape not to convenience and functionality, but to “sensibility,” which is Cocone’s forte.

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