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NFT x Avatar App “PKCL Twins” undergoes a major update! We will deliver the web3 experience of enjoying digital fashion to the world!

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Cocone, the avatar service provider loved by 130 million customers around the world, will implement a major update on Monday, June 5, 2010, to renew part of the concept and add new functions to its web3 application PKCL Twins*, which will be launched globally in November 2022. Countries not covered by the service: Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, etc.

NFT x Avatar App "PKCL Twins" undergoes a major update! We will deliver the web3 experience of enjoying digital fashion to the world!

Cocone Group’s web3 businesses and PKCL Twins

With more than 10 years of experience in avatar development and a track record of more than 16 billion digital assets in circulation and more than 1 million items produced, the Cocone Group is promoting a variety of web3 projects with an eye to the future.

We have already launched a number of services since 2022, including our own blockchain network MOOI, web3 app, NFT marketplace and wallet.

PKCL Twins, which is being developed globally, is an avatar service from Japan that allows users to dress up their twin avatars (Twins) by combining NFT-able items and enjoy expressing their own imaginary worldview and sensibilities.

We have focused on easy-to-understand service design and simple UI design so that even those who are not familiar with wallets and NFTs can easily enjoy the web3 service.

Digital items owned by customers within the service can be bought and sold as NFTs on Jellyme, an NFT marketplace operated by the Cocone Group.

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Conducted numerous customer surveys around the world. Upgraded “fun” and “comfort” as a web3 digital world centered on avatars

Based on the feedback from customers around the world received through SNS and surveys over the past six months since the launch of the service, we have decided to enhance the experience of the digital world with a focus on avatars that leverages Cocone’s experience and strengths, not just the simple exchange of digital items, and to enhance some of the concepts and play cycles of the service. This has led to the implementation of a major update that revamps the concept and play cycle of the game.

In addition to the fun of coordinating digital fashion and collecting NFTs for avatars (Twins) that express the customer’s sensibilities, multiple functions centered on life with avatars have been added to allow customers in each country to become more immersed in the PKCL Twins world.

While increasing interest in and attachment to avatars, PKCL Twins creates an environment where people naturally interact with each other within the digital world of PKCL Twins, creating a more comfortable world for visitors to experience.

While maintaining the policy of ” ” web3 avatar service that can be enjoyed naturally without knowledge of ” tokens,” which has been our motto since the launch of the service, this update will enhance the value of the experience of this application service itself.

We believe that these will ultimately lead to the creation of needs and value for digital assets such as NFTs provided by Cocone, and we aim to realize an avatar service that is loved around the world.

<PKCL Twins Service Overview>
Title : PKCL Twins
Genre : NFT x Avatar application
Supported chains: MOOI Network
Countries not covered by the service: Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, France, Belgium *Subject to change in the future.

[Copyright] © cocone corporation

About MOOI Blockchain Network

MOOI is a blockchain network specializing in the metaverse area developed by POST VOYAGER, a Cocone Group company, and has been in operation since 2022.

We aim to establish an intuitive UI and UX design, low transaction fees, and a fast and convenient blockchain so that customers from all walks of life can easily enjoy MOOI-based services.

MOOI is also developing bridges with Klaytn Network and Polygon.

We will continue to increase bridges with other blockchains and expand our ecosystem as a multi-chain.

The Cocone Group will develop various projects on the MOOI platform, including PKCL Twins, and issue NFTs and tokens unique to its services.

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<Services of the MOOI platform>
Jellyme”(NFT Marketplace):
MOOI Wallet(Wallet):
Linco (Wallet):

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