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【Cocone Connect 】”Selfy” will become a new global service through blockchain technology! Decision to develop “ClawKiss”

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We are pleased to announce that Cocone Connect (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yosuke Tomita) a cocone group company, has started development of the blockchain project “ClawKiss” using the avatar service “Selfy”.

What is the “ClawKiss” blockchain project?

“ClawKiss” is a completely new project that incorporates blockchain technology into an avatar service.
Players are ” vampires living among humans “. Players can enjoy their life as a vampire to the fullest by owning their own edible humanoid, dressing it up, interacting with other players, and even vampirizing humanoids.
This is a new type of avatar game where the main content is a humanoid coordination element, played with avatars NFT-ized by blockchain technology.

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