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Sanrio character dress-up application “Hello Sweet Days” will hold a large-scale event during Golden Week!

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Sanrio character dress-up application " Hello Sweet Days " will hold a large-scale event during Golden Week!

Cocone Corporation (Tokyo office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yosuke Tomita) will hold a major event during Golden Week (April 26, 2020) in its Sanrio character dress-up application ” Hello Sweet Days ” featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars (Kiki & Lala), and more, A large-scale event will be held during Golden Week.

■Event Period

Sunday, April 26 – Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Event Details

No.1] Dice-rolling, exciting Hokkaido & Okinawa!

During the event, ” Hello Sweet Days ” will hold a dice roll event based on the concept of “travel” so that people can enjoy the holidays through the app during Golden Week.

In this dice event, visitors can move through squares inspired by Hokkaido’s ranches and Okinawa’s traditional atmosphere, and get exclusive items that incorporate regional characteristics.â

In addition to items, there are squares where you can get various items such as “Strawberry Coins”, an in-app currency, and items that increase the probability of gacha gacha, or “Rare or higher probability increase”. Come and join us!

You can get a login bonus every day during the event period!

During the event period, log in to ” Hello Sweet Days ” and you will receive wonderful bonuses such as “Strawberry Coins” (in-app currency) and “Gift Certificates (*1)”!

Also, if you log in for more than 6 days in the first week, you will receive [ Essence to get 100% XL size stuffed animal (*2) ], and if you log in for more than 6 days in the second week, you will receive [ SP gift certificate (*1)]♪

(*1) A gift certificate is a ticket that can be used to purchase gacha.

SP Gift Certificates” are also available for rare and super rare items.

(*2) A stuffed animal is… an item that can be placed in your room in the application.

3. Romantic night with Kitty’s boyfriend, “Daniel “

On Sunday, May 3, events will begin to commemorate Daniel’s birthday.

This event offers the chance to win a total of 30 different items.

By matching roses and wrapping paper to complete the bouquet, you can receive Hello Kitty, a stuffed Danielle, a “Tokimeki Night View Eye” perfect for a romantic night view, a “Romance Bouquet to Tell Your Love “Romance Bouquet to Tell Your Love” and more!

Experience the heart-stopping romance between Hello Kitty and Daniel at “Daniel’s Romantic Night”.

<What is “Hello Hello Sweet Days Days”? > “Hello Sweet Days” is a story about the life of a young girl.

Hello Sweet Days ” is a dress-up application with cute avatars featuring popular Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kiki and Lala from Little Twin Stars, Pom Pom Pudding, and Cinnamoroll.

There are many items such as clothes and furniture that you can coordinate with Sanrio characters to create your own favorite Sanrio world.

There are many ways to play in Smile Town, from having fun talking with Sanrio characters to coordinating your clothes and room. Enjoy your own special time in Smile Town.


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