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In-house health professionals produced the ” Cocone Wellness Diary, ” a health handbook for female employees.

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In-house health professionals produced the " Cocone Wellness Diary, " a health handbook for female employees.

Cocone Corporation headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Yosuke Tomita, President; hereinafter ” Cocone “) has produced a health diary named ” Cocone Wellness Diary” for its employees to help improve the health of women.

■Hiring full-time health professionals committed to employee health

For some time, Cocone has employed an employee with the title of ” health professional ” within the company, whose mission is to maintain and improve the health of employees.
Cocone’s health professionals have qualifications and experience similar to those of fitness club trainers, and the position will be committed to the overall health of employees, including mental health, within the company.

■Supporting employees’ health by refraining from going out remotely or out of the office for extended periods of time, and by fully implementing initiatives to support employees’ health.

Since FY2020, the Corona Disaster has allowed employees to work remotely, which has reduced the opportunities to use the in-house gym, so we have implemented initiatives such as online lesson delivery by health professionals, and have built a track record of increasing exercise participation from before the Corona Disaster.

And in light of the long-term effects of the Corona disaster, we created the ” Health Handbook ” as an inner tool covering topics such as sleep, diet, and physical changes in adult women so that employees can once again become more aware of their health and deepen their understanding of it. The handbook not only discusses health in general terms, but also provides practical information based on the results of a health survey of KOKONE employees, whose business is the development and operation of apps, and other information that is relevant to KOKONE employees’ health awareness and condition.

Although we created this tool for women because 60% of our employees are women, we hope that by distributing it to male employees as well, they will gain a better understanding of the physical tendencies and characteristics of their families and female colleagues, and that it will be useful for their overall better social life and life.

■Health, parenting, and life. We will enhance our environment to accommodate the Corona disaster.

Since its establishment, KOKONE has been committed to enriching not only the work environment of its employees but also their lives through the environment of the company. In addition to health promotion, Cocone’s unique ” childcare free time system” ” employees of child-rearing age allows them to take one hour of free time for childcare each working day of the month (can be taken in batches) without salary reduction, regardless of gender.
We also actively support male employees taking maternity leave.

Cocone will continue to create flexible work styles even in a restrictive environment such as the Corona Disaster, and by maintaining and improving the health and lifestyle of each and every employee, as a result, the company will strive to be a useful and contributing entity to the world.

Click here to read an interview with a health professional about the production of “Cocone Wellness Diary.
What is the ” Cocone Wellness Diary, ” a health diary for working women?

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