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Disney’s first dress-up application “Disney My Little Doll” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” event first time commemorative limited smartphone wallpaper present campaign!

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Cocone Corporation (Tokyo office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yosuke Tomita) will launch a limited smartphone wallpaper present campaign in its smartphone application “DISNEY MY LITTLE DOLL” to celebrate the first “The Nightmare Before Christmas” event from Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

[Left] Image of the event [Right] Little dolls of "Jack Skellington" and "Sally"
[Left] Image of the event [Right] Little dolls of “Jack Skellington” and “Sally”

Get limited edition “Nightmare Before Christmas” smartphone wallpaper A from “DISNEY MY LITTLE DOLL” on Twitter!

Characters and items based on Disney’s animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” which is perfect for Christmas, will appear for the first time in DISNEY MY LITTLE DOLL. To commemorate the occasion, a limited edition smartphone wallpaper A with impressive vignettes of “Jack Skellington” and “Sally” will be available on the official “DISNEY MY LITTLE DOLL” Twitter account (@MyLittleDoll_JP).

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■Get limited smartphone wallpaper B in the app by achieving 1,000 RTs of campaign tweets!

If the number of retweets of the campaign tweets that reveal the limited edition smartphone wallpaper A reaches 1,000, an announcement article will be posted in the application to allow users to download the limited edition smartphone wallpaper B for free.

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An event to obtain limited items with “The Nightmare Before Christmas” motifs was held!

The event will include capsule events and challenge events where you can obtain various limited items, as well as mini-games where you can win little dolls of “Jack Skellington” and “Sally” to fully enjoy the world of “The Nightmare Before Christmas. In addition, during the period, events to increase the probability of obtaining SR items will be held almost every day.

Please refer to the announcement in the application for details of each project.

[ Period ] Tuesday, November 23, 2021 12:00 – Tuesday, December 7, 2021 23:59 *Except for some measures

▲Items related to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" available at events, etc. ▲Coordination image with limited items
▲Items related to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” available at events, etc. ▲Coordination image with limited items

■Thanks to your support, “DISNEY MY LITTLE DOLL” is celebrating its 5th anniversary! Major renewal of the coordination function!

The ” item ” function, which allows customers to store items and coordinate dollhouses and fashions, has undergone a major renewal to make it more convenient and easier to use.

The “filter function,” which allows customers to narrow down your search by combining your favorite criteria, such as rarity and color, makes it easier for you to enjoy the dress-up that can sometimes be a hassle to search for.

<“item” new specs>

1. change the display order of house item categories
2. confirmation popup when moving to ” SHOP “
3. interior item installation release function
4. undo/redo function
5. filter function

▲Filter function image
▲Filter function image


” DISNEY MY LITTLE DOLL” is Disney’s first dress-up application that has been played by more than 4.5 million customers. The app features a large collection of about 200 different Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Anna and Elsa from “Frozens,” and more, all transformed into little dolls! By logging in every day, you can collect little dolls based on the motifs of your favorite characters. Little dolls can be dressed up, pecked at, and taken care of.

You can also create your own Disney room by freely decorating the dollhouse or room where you spend time with your little dolls! You can choose from a variety of themes and find your favorite one. You can also change the fashions of the “Decorating Doll” living in the dollhouses. You can try matching them with your little dolls, or choose your favorite theme to create your own original fashions. There are also many limited-time events! Be sure to check out the items that you can only get here.

Now, why don’t you spend time with your favorite little dolls in your own personal Disney room?
Official website:

Application Overview
Supported OS: iOS 9.0 or higher, Android OS 5.0 or higher
Genre: Social network (character dress-up service)
Price: Basically free (some items charged)
Copyright Notice: ©️Disney ©️Disney/Pixar Published by cocone
*”DISNEY MY LITTLE DOLL” is provided by Cocone Corporation under license from Disney.

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