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<Avatar App No.1*> Cocone which sold 9 billion digital assets aims to conquer the world with “Kawaii” through NFT and Metaverse!

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<Cocone, the No. 1 avatar app* with 9 billion digital assets sold, aims to conquer the world with "kawaii" through NFT and Metaverse!

Cocone Corporation (Tokyo office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Tomita; ” Cocone “) has redefined what Cocone aims to achieve from 2022 with three new pillars.

(*Avatar app No. 1 = Cocone’s selection of apps and services with avatars and community elements, based on sales ranking data for the “non-game sector” according to a November 2021 App Annie survey.)

■About Cocone Group

The company provides avatar-based applications and digital content, including “Pokecolo,” an avatar dress-up application supported by more than 20 million customers, and “Livly Island,” which was released in July 2021 and won the Google Play Best of 2021 “Entertainment Category” Grand Prize in the same year. As of January 2022, 4.7 million customers enjoy the services provided by the Cocone Group every month.

– Digital assets* “Total of 140,000 units produced” “9 billion units sold”

(*Digital items such as avatar fashion and interior design displayed by customers in the application)

Since the launch of the Pokecolo service in 2011, Cocone has created and sold a variety of digital items that stimulate the senses of its customers. Digital assets centered on avatar fashions and interior items within the virtual space have totaled 140,000 items created and over 9 billion items sold (as of January 2022).

Cocone’s digital items are loved and used by customers as a means of demonstrating their individuality/sensitivity in the virtual space.

Our Singapore subsidiary also operates its own NFT marketplace, “Cobalt”.

~ In 2022, Cocone will aim for the world with three pillars! ~

[ 1 ] The NFT project was launched based on the sales of ” 9 billion digital assets”!

– Cocone’s specialty is converting digital assets to NFT!
– NFTing digital assets gives customers digital ownership!
– The NFTing of digital assets increases their value outside of the app!
– We are excited about “Cobalt,” Cocone’s NFT marketplace!

Each of Cocone’s apps occupies the top ranking in the ” Social Network ” category in the App store and Google Play Store. As evidenced by the 9 billion digital assets sold, we are a leading company in the avatar industry.

Last year, in 2021, “Pokecolo” celebrated its 10th anniversary and is still at the top of the app rankings and growing. In addition, digital assets in “Pokecolo” and other apps operated by Cocone are so valuable that customers enjoy exchanging them for higher prices within the apps. The value of digital assets has been found to increase as time goes by. However, until now, the value of digital assets has been mostly limited to in-app valuation. Recent blockchain technology allows customers to take ownership of their digital assets, giving them the potential to spread their value beyond the app and into the world at large. This means of proof also makes it possible for customers to hold on to their precious digital assets with peace of mind.

As a leading avatar application company, Cocone has launched a project to convert digital assets to NFT in order to promote the value of digital assets created with our customers and to allow them to enjoy them with peace of mind. At the same time, we will grow the NFT marketplace “Cobalt” ( ) and contribute to guarantee the value of popular digital items and further expand the economic sphere in the online world in the future.

[ 2 ] Create a “metaverse of sensitivity.

– The virtual space know-how that Cocone has developed over the past 10 years is the foundation of the Metaverse.
– Implement blockchain technology to create a one-of-a-kind world.

Cocone’s vision is to create an online world rooted in “sensitivity,” where people can not only connect functionally, but also exist in a freer form, express themselves, and connect with others in a positive manner. We have developed a number of services in line with this philosophy.

The “metaverse,” as it is often referred to these days, is an online world, although its definition has not yet been established, and its elements include (1) the presence of entities with personalities, (2) production activities, (3) interactions, and (4) economic activities. In light of these “metaverse” requirements, Cocone already has the foundation of a metaverse. This is because Cocone has experience in creating virtual spaces with numerous applications, where large-scale interaction and production activities with characters and avatars exist.

Building on its past achievements and experience, Cocone aims to create a “metaverse” world, a digital world in which each person can exist as if he or she lives in it, making the most of his or her individuality and sensibilities.

[ 3 ] Cocone’s “Kawaii” for world domination!

Cocone specializes in creating “kawaii worlds”.

Cocone’s “kawaii” is the globally accepted word “kawaii,” which is used as a generic term for the positive meanings of “like,” “sympathize,” and “like,” or for the psychological state of “not being nervous” and “wanting to have social contact (approach). We are starting a global expansion project from 2021 to provide more people around the world with a place where people can gather and connect using the word “kawaii”. Apps such as “Hello Sweet Days,” “DISNEY MY LITTLE DOLL,” and “Livly Island” have begun to expand into Asia and North America, and we will further accelerate this trend in 2022. Furthermore, the NFT project for digital assets using blockchain technology will be released as a borderless global version from the beginning, instead of gradually expanding globally by releasing it on a country-by-country basis, especially in Japan, as in the past. Thus, in 2022, we will focus on deepening our interaction with blockchain technology and the NFT project, further accelerating the globalization of our business, and ensuring that the “kawaii” of the kokone metaverse is enjoyed worldwide.

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