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Furuta Confectionery Co.,Ltd. began selling ” Chocolate Eggs (Disney MY LITTLE DOLL) ” at mass merchandisers and convenience stores nationwide on March 28!

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Cocone Corporation(Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Tomita; hereafter ” Cocone ” ) announces that ” Chocolate Eggs(Disney MY LITTLE DOLL),” a confectionary with a toy featuring Disney’s first avatar application “Disney MY LITTLE DOLL,” which is provided by Cocone Corporation, will be released by Furuta Confectionery Co.,Ltd. will begin sales on Monday, March 28, 2022.

Furuta Confectionery Co.,Ltd. began selling " Chocolate Eggs (Disney MY LITTLE DOLL " at mass merchandisers and convenience stores nationwide on March 28!

Eighteen different little dolls, including secret ones, are now available as ” Chocolate Eggs ” figures!

– Disney’s first avatar application “Disney MY LITTLE DOLL”

“Disney MY LITTLE DOLL” has been supported by more than 4.5 million customers, features approximately 200 different Disney characters, ” Mickey Mouse “,” Winnie the Pooh”, “Anna and Elsa” from “Frozen” and “Raya” from “Raya and the Last Dragon,” which was just released in theaters in 2021. With this application, customers can dress up their little dolls with items based on motifs from Disney’s works, take care of them, and enjoy their own personalized Disney world.
The ” Eggs (Disney MY LITTLE DOLL ” to be released by Furuta Seika Co., Ltd. will feature these little dolls as figurines. The figures consist of a total of 18 types, including 16 types “” ” from “The Little Mermaid” “” ” from “Toy Story” as well as ” “” Little Doll, and two secret types.

– The first “suction cup base” for Chocolate Eggs!

The main point of this product is ” Egg’s first suction cup base ” It can be displayed on windows, PC screens, etc., which has been difficult with previous Choco Eggs. The high quality of the product is such that the little dolls look as if they have popped out of the digital world.
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  • Product name: “Choco Egg (Disney MY LITTLE DOLL )
  • Contents: 20g
  • Suggested retail price (tax included): 220 yen
  • Release date: Monday, March 28, 2022 (nationwide)


This is Disney’s first avatar application that has been played by more than 4.5 million customers. The app features a large collection of about 200 Disney characters as little dolls, ” Mickey Mouse “” Pooh, “”” from “Anna and the Snow Queen,” and many more! By logging in every day, you can collect little dolls based on the motifs of your favorite characters. Little dolls can be dressed up, pecked at, and taken care of.
You can also create your own Disney room by freely decorating the dollhouse or room where you spend time with your little dolls! You can choose from a variety of themes and find your favorite one. You can also change the fashions of the “Decorating Doll” living in the dollhouses. You can try matching them with your little dolls, or choose your favorite theme to create your own original fashions. There are also many limited-time events! Be sure to check out the items that you can only get here.
Now, why don’t you spend time with your favorite little dolls in your own personal Disney room?

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About Cocone Corporation

Cocone has released “Pokecolo”, a character dress-up application for smartphones, “Pokecolos Twins” for enjoying twins’ coordination, and ” Pokepia” enjoying 3D character dress-up as part of the “Pokecolo series”. In July 2021, “Livly Island”, a web browser application loved by many people, was released as a smartphone application.

Digital contents based on social networks provided by Cocone are mainly “social services to enjoy coordinating” and “games with coordinating elements ” which have “Character” and “Coordinating” elements and customers can “Play”. At Cocone, we have pioneered this genre, which we define as “CCP(Character Coordinating Play).

As part of the Cocone Group, in April 2017, we opened “International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten ” a preschool operated by our subsidiary Cocone Education Corporation, which provides a future-oriented education with bilingualism, Montessori, and computer science at its core, In 2019, we acquired “Hange”,a long-established online gaming portal as a subsidiary.

Established in 2021, Cocone Connect Corporation is developing the “noen konkatsu(Marriage Hunting in the Farm)” series and the popular avatar service “Selfy” for further development of CCP services, and Cocone Fashion Corporation operates the EC service “choiceis,” which is oriented toward a new way of selling fashion as an IT company.

Singapore-based POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. is developing “Cobalt” , a NFT market based on blockchain technology that allows many creators and buyers to participate.

Based on existing CCP services by combining our experience in avatar development, community management, and language education with technologies such as blockchain and NFT, we are building a digital world and metaverse space that can give shape to the “sensibility”,Cocone’s forte, rather than convenience and functionality.

Main businesses operated by Cocone Corporation

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