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COCONE CONNECT CORPORATION] Web3 project “ClawKiss” is now in full swing.

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COCONE CONNECT CORPORATION] Web3 project "ClawKiss" is now in full swing.

Cocone Connect Corporation (“Cocone Connect”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cocone Corporation (“Cocone”), has released the official website and SNS for its GameFi project “ClawKiss. Using the avatar brand “Selphie,” which is loved in more than 170 countries around the world, this new P2E service with a vampire theme aims to launch in English-speaking countries by the end of FY2022.

■”ClawKiss” official website
We invite you to the world of vampires.

■Official Community


■ ” ClawKiss” features

■ "ClawKiss" features

This is a new and unprecedented project that incorporates blockchain technology into avatar services and is different from existing avatar services. Players will be able to enjoy their life as a “vampire living among human society,” possessing their own personal humanoid called an ESA, and enjoy everything from dressing up to interacting with other players and sucking blood from their ESA.

■ "ClawKiss" features

With the coordination element as its main content, this new blockchain game is a new way to “Dress to Earn ” and enjoy living with NFT-ized ESAs and enrich your life. Rather than focusing on the economic aspect of crypto assets like many GameFi, “ClawKiss” aims to be a “metaverse of sensibility” that allows those who feel uncomfortable living in modern society to fully exercise their sensibilities, and is primarily focused on providing a comfortable digital world. The service is scheduled to be launched in English-speaking countries by the end of fiscal year 2022.

About “Selfie

SELFY” is an avatar brand that was released in 2006 and will celebrate its 16th anniversary in August 2022. It has been enjoyed by more than 13 million customers in over 170 countries around the world and has established itself as one of the most attractive avatar brands. In the “Metaverse of Sensitivity” that the Kokone Group is aiming for, we have developed “ClawKiss” in a way that makes the most of the world-class design characteristics of “Selphie”.

About cocoone connect

Established in April 2021. With the goal of “creating a new world for mankind in the age of the metaverse,” it is a carve-out venture that specializes in M&A and value enhancement in the avatar domain. Based on the planning and development of digital brands and entry into the virtual matching field, we will develop a new market suitable for the Web3 era.

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