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POST VOYAGER】Official Launch of MOOI, a Blockchain Specializing in Sustainable Metaverse Ecosystem, Today

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POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. (Location: Singapore, “POST VOYAGER”), a group company of Cocone Corporation, will begin operating MOOI, a blockchain network specializing in the Metaverse domain, on Thursday, June 30.

POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. officially launches "MOOI," a blockchain dedicated to a sustainable metaverse ecosystem, today.


POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD., which develops and operates MOOI Network, is a group company of Cocone Corporation, a leader in the avatar app industry in Japan. Founded in 2019 to specialize in blockchain projects, the company has demonstrated its expertise from the beginning and is a member of the Governance Council of the Klaytn Network (node validator). POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD., where half of the team, including the founder, is a developer, is responsible for providing technical support and advice to the group companies, making it a technology-intensive company in the Kocone group.
In addition, we will continue to undergo audits to assure the integrity of the security of the MOOI Network in order to protect our clients’ assets. It is never enough to stress the importance of network integrity; we will take every step necessary to ensure it.

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MOOI” promises a sustainable metaverse economy with unique values

The Cocone Group has already developed several metaverse services based on the MOOI Network. However, MOOI’s vision is not limited to digital applications. We envision expanding the ecosystem with any project that fits the core values of the MOOI Network, whether real or digital.
MOOI Network will first be bridged to Klaytn Network. After that, more bridges to other blockchains such as Polygon and Ethereum will be added, further expanding the ecosystem as a multi-chain.

MOOI" promises a sustainable metaverse economy with unique values

To support a sustainable metaverse economy, the MOOI Network is being built with a slightly different approach: the MOOI Network’s economy is first shaped by customers who see real value in playing services and owning digital assets. The value is then established. Once value is established, we believe the ecosystem will naturally expand.
These are the values and track record* of digital assets that Cocone has proven in the Web2 market, and we believe that they will be proven in the Web3 market as well.
Cocone has produced 140,000 digital assets and sold over 9 billion units to date.
The economy of the network will be built around the governor’s token, $MOOI, and individual services will also have their own tokenomics POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. has a special team called the ” Crypto Finance Team. ” A team dedicated to MOOI ecosystem design and The team is dedicated to monitoring and advising the Dapp projects participating in the network to build better tokenomics, and ultimately, together we hope to build a sustainable metaverse economy. Furthermore, POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD.’s creative approach has captivated pioneers in the blockchain industry, who have successfully completed the first private sales round of MOOI tokens. This resulted in early investment from Block Crafters Capital, a Singapore-based venture capital firm. A strategic partnership with Ozys, a leading South Korean blockchain company, has been signed.
The MOOI Network, operated by POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD., has already succeeded in securing both technical capabilities and a content-rich ecosystem even before its launch. While the company focuses on the technical side, other Cocone Group companies are developing metaverse services based on MOOI.

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At least 4 new MOOI-based services to be launched by the end of the year

Cocone’s core business, the avatar service, is loved by 42 million customers worldwide and has been highly acclaimed in many fields, winning numerous awards. The core of CCP (Character Coordinate Play), which is the foundation of Kokone’s services, is “immersing oneself in a virtual world and removing the boundary between the real and virtual worlds,” which is very similar to the concept of metaverse that has been attracting attention recently.
This has led the Kokone Group to launch full-scale metaverse and blockchain businesses, and we are focusing on developing our existing Web2 services into Web3 services.

At least 4 new MOOI-based services to be launched by the end of the year

The first service to be launched will be Meta Livly, a GameFi that leverages the IP of the popular “Livly Island” application. It will feature P2E elements that allow users to earn revenue by playing the game, as well as NFT that will allow users to actually own and trade items. it is scheduled for release in late July 2022.
In the GameFi “ClawKiss” being developed by coone connect, Inc. of the coone group, the official website and SNS accounts were released in mid-June 2022. This is a dress to earn application based on the IP of the avatar generator “Selphie,” which is loved in more than 170 countries around the world, and introducing blockchain technology, and is scheduled for release by the end of 2022.
Starting with “Meta Livly” and “ClawKiss,” the Kokone Group plans to release more than 10 services on the MOOI Network within a few years. In addition to Cocone’s IP, POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. is actively seeking other Metaverse services to be included in the MOOI Network.

[ “Meta Livly” official website]
[ ClawKiss” official website ]

About the Cocone Group

We provide various CCP services supported by more than 42 million customers, including the “Pokecolo” series of avatar dress-up applications for smartphones and “Livly Island”. We have developed CCP (Character Coordinating Play), which we define as a service in which “character” exists, “coordinating” elements exist, and “play” is possible. By combining our experience in avatar development and community management with the latest technology through the development of blockchain technology and the operation of the NFT marketplace, we are building a digital world and metaverse space where people can give form to the “sensibility” that is Cocone’s forte, rather than convenience and functionality.

<POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. Company Profile >
Representative: KIM JEONG HUN
Established: January 10, 2019
Business Outline: Development of Blockchain Infrastructure Technology

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