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EXPG STUDIO’s national event “THE STAGE” and Cocone will collaborate!

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(Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; “Cocone”), which provides avatar services loved by more than 130 million customers worldwide, and expg Corporation, which has produced numerous LDH artists, announce that EXPG STUDIO, a comprehensive entertainment school operated by expg, will collaborate on “THE STAGE,” a series of dance events to be held at 12 venues nationwide starting July 30 (Saturday). (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Cocone”), a provider of avatar services loved by more than 30,000 customers, will collaborate on “THE STAGE,” a dance event to be held sequentially at 12 venues nationwide starting July 30 (Saturday), and will work together on special projects such as a TikTok campaign.

EXPG STUDIO's national event "THE STAGE" and Cocone will collaborate!


EXPG STUDIO, the comprehensive entertainment school of the LDH JAPAN group, which includes popular groups and artists such as EXILE and J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE, has produced many well-known artists such as Naoki Kobayashi (EXILE / J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE) and Arashi Shirahama (EXILE / GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE).
In 2022, “THE STAGE” will be held at 12 venues in Japan under the theme of “WE ARE THE FUTURE. In 2022, the event will be held at 12 venues in Japan under the theme of “WE ARE THE FUTURE.” Students will express the beauty of having dreams in any age through their performances, and deliver a message for the future.

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Omiya (7/30), Tokyo (8/2-4), Yokohama (8/11-12), Nagoya (8/14), Sapporo (8/21), Sendai (8/27), Miyazaki (9/19), Kyoto (10/2), Matsuyama (10/23), Okinawa (10/30), Osaka (11/23-23), Fukuoka (1/15)

Collaboration with “THE STAGE” includes a TikTok campaign to support dreams!

Cocone, a provider of services that express sensitivity, such as the “Pokecolo” series of avatar dress-up apps, deeply empathizes with EXPG STUDIO’s philosophy of “fostering the development of all entertainers,” and will collaborate with EXPG STUDIO on “The Stage” in FY2022. The two companies will collaborate on “THE STAGE” in 2022, and will conduct special events such as a TikTok campaign.
In the TikTok campaign (timing to be determined), which will be a content-linked project with the “EXPG STUDIO” school students, Cocone will present the winners of the campaign with gifts to support their “dreams”.
In addition, all visitors to “THE STAGE” will receive an essential item to get through this summer, featuring designs from Cocone’s “Pokecolo,” “Pokecolo Twin,” “Pokepia,” and “Livly Island” apps. The designs are cute and can be used to protect against the heat, so please take a look at them.
We hope that this collaboration will lead to further success for the students, and both companies are committed to further pursuing and improving entertainment to provide a place where the dreams of artists can come true in the real and digital worlds.

■ About expg, Inc. )

Since its opening in Tokyo in 2003 as LDH JAPAN’s first business venture outside of artist management, the company has now expanded to 12 schools in Japan and 3 schools overseas in Taipei and Shanghai, accumulating a unique training system. Currently, we operate school businesses in four categories under the EXPG ENTERTAINMENT brand category.

EXPG STUDIO / Producing artists by building a unique training system (dance/vocal/RAP/ACT/DJ)
EXPG ONLINE STUDIO / Online dance lessons for anyone, anytime, anywhere
ETC DANCE SCHOOL / A place where people can experience dance for the first time and enjoy dance according to their own purposes.
EXPG High School / Obtain a high school diploma while learning dance

<Company Overview
Head office: 1-2-2 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 1, 2013
Representative: Kanji Ito
Business activities: Operation of dance, vocal, and act schools

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