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<Tokyo Game Show 2022>Talk session introducing the Cocone Group’s Web3 business will be held at a stage event at the YGG Japan booth.

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Cocone Corporation (“Cocone”), a provider of avatar services loved by more than 130 million customers worldwide, will be a session guest at a stage event (September 18, from 12:00 pm) at the YGG Japan blockchain game guild booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2022. (hereinafter “Cocone”) will participate as a session guest in a stage event at the booth of the blockchain game guild YGG Japan at the Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Session theme Session theme “Starting with ‘Cute’, the Mass Adaptation of Domestic Web3 Games

The YGG Japan booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 will feature a number of panel discussions in which experts from the game industry, creators, and blockchain companies will discuss the latest information on web3games.

Cocone will participate as a guest in a talk session entitled “Challenges of Cocone, the most advanced Web3 game company in Japan,” in which we will introduce the new Web3 business that the Cocone Group is involved in, and discuss how to bring blockchain games to the masses, specific contents, and the environment for delivering them. and the environment for delivering blockchain games to the masses.

<Session Summary

[ Date and Time ] Scheduled for Sunday, September 18, 12:00-12:45 p.m.
Place: Stage in the “YGG Japan” booth [Makuhari Messe, Main Hall 3 (Panel 24)].

The stage session will be streamed live on the official ” YGG Japan ” YouTube channel.


Takashi Arai, General Manager, Meta Division Headquarters, Cocone Corporation
Cocone Connect Corporation GameFi ” ClawKiss ” Producer Takaaki Kurihara
VOYAGER Japan Inc.

A company of the Cocone Group. Japanese subsidiary of ” POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. ” that develops and operates the blockchain network “MOOI

3 Web businesses developed by the Cocone Group

Blockchain “MOOI” (Developed by POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD.)

POST VOYAGER PTE. LTD. of the Cocone Group is a developer of the blockchain network ” MOOI. It aims to build a blockchain infrastructure and a fast and stable network to form a metaverse world on the Web3. The company is responsible as a member of the Governance Council of the Klaytn network and is working to promote the network. MOOI is a network optimized for transaction speed and reliability in the metaverse, providing network, wallet, and other DeFi services to companies facing challenges in the area of blockchain and NFT services, and serving as the primary currency for Play-to-Earn services in the Klaytn network. Serve as the primary currency for Earn services.

GameFi “ClawKiss” (Developed by Cocone Connect)

Players will live their lives in the world of “ClawKiss” as “vampires living amongst human society. While many existing GameFi projects are focused on economic aspects, “ClawKiss” is a meta-verse that allows everyone to give form to their “nonmassive sensibilities” in the guise of a vampire. Dress-to-Earn” – This is a GameFi project unique to the Cocone Group that transforms the expression of sensibility through dressing up into value.

GameFi “Meta Livly” (Developed by cocone M)

Global service launch in August 2022. As the market’s first Avatar Coordinated Play-to-Earn service, it utilizes the token economy and embodies the introduction of NFT through blockchain. The content power of “Livly Island,” which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Cocone’s expertise in the digital world, combined with MOOI Network technology optimized for transactions in the metaverse, will bring communication and fun to the world of Play-to-Earn.

In addition to the above, we have several other projects in progress.

About YGG and YGG Japan

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is the world’s largest DAO gaming guild offering Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) for profitable blockchain gaming, with over 100,000 players and 30,000 scalers in 28 countries. YGG Japan was established to lead Japanese gamers beyond “Play to Earn” to a world of “Play and Earn”.

We also support Japanese game companies to launch their blockchain games to the world. To date, many global IPs have been created in Japan, and many game companies are respected around the world.

YGG Japan and the YGG Group will do its utmost to support the global expansion of Japanese content with its world-class gaming culture.

About the Cocone Group

We provide a variety of CCP services supported by more than 130 million customers worldwide, including the “Pokecolo” series of avatar dress-up applications for smartphones and “Livly Island”. We have developed CCP (Character Coordinating Play), which we define as a service in which “character” exists, “coordinating” elements exist, and “play” is possible. By combining our experience in avatar development and community management with the latest technology through the development of blockchain technology and the operation of the NFT marketplace, we are building a digital world and metaverse space where people can give form to the “sensibility” that is Cocone’s forte, rather than convenience and functionality.

Cocone Connect Corporation, a group company established in April 2021, is a carve-out venture engaged in M&A and value-up activities specializing in the avatar domain, with the mission of “creating a new world for mankind in the age of the metaverse. Cocone Connect is committed to creating a digital world where all individuals can shine and expanding globally.

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