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Established the “Consultation Service for Women” to improve the work environment for women.

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Cocone Corporation (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Shintaro Takatani, CEO; hereinafter “Cocone”), a company that provides avatar dressing community services and a blockchain business, has established a “Women’s Consultation Service” to improve the working environment for female members.

Women in Cocone

Female employees account for nearly 60% of Cocone’s total workforce of approximately 500 employees. In the avatar dress-up community service, the core of the business, 80% of the designers who plan and create digital items are female.

In addition, Cocone has long created an environment in which women can play an active role, as female employees make up nearly half of the members who serve in leadership roles.

This pie chart compares the status of women's activities at Cocone Corporation. The percentage of women among all employees is approximately 60%, approximately 80% of female employees are engaged in the planning and production of digital items, and 40% are in leadership roles.

Establishment of a consultation service for women

Cocone aims to balance the lives of all employees with their work. In order to promote not only the development of services and the company, but also the healthy growth of individuals, we have implemented various measures such as our own “childcare free time system,” support for the use of remote work, the establishment of a company cafeteria, free use of cafes, and the introduction of in-house gym and massage facilities.

In order to create a system that is even more attuned to female employees, we have established a ” Women’s Subcommittee ” consisting of the executive director in charge, a full-time health care worker, and employee representatives.

As a first step in realizing various systems and facilities in the future, we have decided to open a “Consultation Service for Women” to support women in balancing their work with health issues specific to women.

What is the consultation service for women?

This is a consultation service for women’s issues such as fertility, menstrual problems, childbirth, etc.

For example, a staff composed of women will be available to provide a safe working environment for female employees when they need to submit materials on infertility treatment, etc. or when they need advice on working due to menstrual problems, etc.

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