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Started “High Potential Recruitment” as a new recruitment project for new graduates and new graduates

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Cocone Corporation (“Cocone”), a provider of avatar services loved by more than 130 million customers worldwide, will begin “high-potential hiring” as part of its mid- to long-term hiring strategy, primarily targeting new graduates and new graduates.

Started "High Potential Recruitment" as a new recruitment project for new graduates and new graduates

■ “No work experience required.” High annual salary offer for those who have achievements, upward mobility, and potential while in school.


The shortage of personnel requiring knowledge of advanced IT is accelerating in various industries, to the extent that a study by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) states that “there will be a shortage of up to 790,000 IT personnel by 2030.”
Cocone, which is taking on the challenge of three web businesses, including Metaverse and Blockchain, has also faced a major challenge in securing engineers for service development, and felt that hiring measures for immediate human resources alone were not sufficient in the face of intensifying competition. Therefore, we have decided to rethink our uniform recruitment policy for new graduates (April lump-sum hiring, starting salary level, etc.), and as a new mid- to long-term strategy, we have established the “High Potential Hiring” program, in which excellent new graduates and second-time graduates are evaluated without distinction from mid-career hires and hired throughout the year.

“High Potential Recruitment

We will offer a reasonable annual salary of 5.5 million yen* or more to those who have an outstanding record of achievement, high aspirations, and potential during their school years.
Annual salary for engineering positions. The amount differs for design and service positions.
<Three elements that define Cocone’s high-potential talent
Element 1: “Aspirational – upwardly mobile.”
: desire and hunger to reach a higher dimension.
Element 2: “Abilities – Capabilities”
: Has behavioral characteristics that lead to results and achievements, or already has results and achievements at a young age.
Element 3: “Engagement.”
The company is willing to contribute to the growth of not only the individual, but also the organization and the business.

<System Overview

[ Wanted ].
Graduation or completion, or expected graduation or completion, of a vocational, technical, university, or graduate school between 2021 and March 2024 *No work experience required

[ Job Openings ]
Engineers [Details]
Design [Details]
Services [Details]

[[Example of essential application requirements (for engineering positions)]]

-Experience with any of the following deliverables or experience

  • Experience as a speaker at prominent technical conferences, or have achieved outstanding results in programming contests or technical competitions.
  • Have had an internship or selection process at a mega-tech company such as GAFA
  • Experience in creating/releasing services or games with multiple people (*New graduate eligible)
  • Those who have a proven track record of contributing to the business by taking on the design and implementation of services with large user bases (*New graduates are eligible).
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