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NFT x Avatar app “PKCL Twins” to launch globally on November 29.

Blockchain Entertainment for Women from Japan

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Cocone, the leading avatar service provider loved by 130 million customers worldwide, will launch its latest web3 application “PKCL Twins” based on MOOI, a blockchain network developed and operated by the Cocone Group, globally on November 29, 2022 (Tuesday).
Countries not covered by the service: Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, etc.

NFT x Avatar app "PKCL Twins" to launch globally on November 29.

Cocone is promoting a number of web3 businesses! We challenge the world with “Kawaii” made in Japan!

Cocone has created an avatar service that is loved by 130 million customers and has made the avatar business one of the world’s top class. With over 10 years of experience in avatar development and a track record of over 13 billion digital assets in circulation and over 1 million items produced, the entire Kokone Group is accelerating its web3 business.

In the summer of 2022, the company will release its own blockchain network, MOOI, and is working on a variety of future-oriented projects, including web3 apps, NFT marketplaces, wallets, and nearly a dozen others.

PKCL Twins, which will be launched this time, is the first avatar service in the Kokone Tokyo office to incorporate NFT elements, allowing users to dress up their twins’ avatars by combining NFT-able items and enjoy expressing their own world and sensibilities.
[Official website of PKCL Twins]

Outline of PKCL Twins

– How to play: Collect items and enjoy coding & NFT your coding and sell it.

PKCL Twins is a blockchain service version of Cocone’s flagship avatar application ” the Pokecolo Series.PKCL is an abbreviation of ” Pokecolo ” and a combination of the service’s themes of “, Kawaii, Cool, Lovely “.

With its 2D storybook-like world, PKCL Twins utilizes the same digital assets (fashion, interior design, and other items) that are available in the avatar application Pokecolo Twin, which launched in 2019. With more than 20,000 digital assets obtained through gifts and gachas, you can enjoy expressing your ideal avatar and worldview, or sell coordinated sets with collected items on NFT marketplace Jellyme. Depending on the customer’s sense of style and the rarity of the items included in the coordinating set, various values can be created in NFT.

How to play: "Collect items and enjoy coordinating them" & "Create and sell coordinating items as NFTs".
How to play: "Collect items and enjoy coordinating them" & "Create and sell coordinating items as NFTs".

– No token element! Easy-to-understand service design for those who are not familiar with web3.

Although opening a MOOI is required to play all elements of this service, we have focused on an easy-to-understand service design and simple UI design so that even those unfamiliar with blockchain and NFT can enjoy the service as easily as possible. In particular, the service does not have ” “””, ” which have become a major element in recent blockchain games. Instead, we have included a number of mechanisms to increase the value of assets and NFTs earned by customers in the service.

– Main target is Southeast Asia

The service will be offered globally, but with a focus on the Southeast Asian market as the main target. We are focusing on Southeast Asia because it is one of the few countries where blockchain games have had significant success, and Japanese “kawaii” culture is relatively widespread. We expect this service, which is rare among blockchain services and primarily targets women, to be a success.

PKCL Twins will be a service that conveys “kawaii” from Japan to the world using blockchain technology, and will always provide new healing and excitement. Our primary goal is to grow the project into a blockchain project with millions of customers worldwide.

– Roadmap and Development Management Team

Roadmap and Development Management Team
Roadmap and Development Management Team

<PKCL Twins Service Overview>
Title : PKCL Twins
Genre : NFT x Avatar application
Supported chains: MOOI network
Countries not covered by the service: Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, France, Belgium *Subject to change in the future.
[PKCL Twins official Twitter]

MOOI blockchain network

MOOI a blockchain network developed by POST VOYAGER PTE LTD. of the Cocone Group (located in Singapore) that specializes in the “Metaverse” domain, and has been in operation since this summer.
We aim to establish an intuitive UI and UX design, low transaction fees, and a fast and convenient blockchain so that customers from all walks of life can easily enjoy MOOI services. MOOI is also bridged with ” Network “. We will continue to increase the number of bridges with other blockchains and expand the ecosystem as a multi-chain. Kokone Group will develop various projects on the MOOI, including “PKCL Twins”, and will issue NFTs and tokens unique to its services.
[MOOI website]

about MOOI blockchain network

<Services based on MOOI>
Jellyme (NFT Marketplace)
ClawKiss (Dress to Earn)
Meta Livly”(GameFi)

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