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Started hiring full remote engineers to accelerate Web3 business

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Cocone, a provider of avatar services loved by more than 130 million customers worldwide, will begin hiring engineers to work full remote.

Started hiring full remote engineers to accelerate Web3 business


The shortage of personnel requiring advanced IT knowledge is accelerating in various industries, as a study by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has ” that there will be a shortage of up to 790,000 IT personnel by “. In addition, the Corona Disaster has helped remote work take root, and a survey by a major job search support website found that more than 40% of working engineers are working full remotely, five days a week or more. There is also a movement to apply full remote work to newly graduated engineers. At Cocone, which is taking on the challenge of three web businesses, including Metaverse and blockchain, we have decided to adopt full remote working in order to incorporate such diverse ways of working. In addition to this policy, Kokone will continue to utilize the IT technologies that are being developed every day to create a work-life balance that is more in tune with the times.

Recruitment of Full-time Full-remote Engineers

This position is not a contract position, but a permanent position. The work location is at home, with the option to work from home in remote locations within the country. No overseas work is allowed. A telecommuting allowance will also be provided. In addition, while Cocone has offered a unique benefits program in the past, we are starting a “cocone my time my day” program in June 2022, which will allow employees to have free time* on Wednesday afternoons on weekdays in the hope that they will be able to exercise their creativity and lead richer lives. The program will be held on Wednesday afternoons from June 2022.

*A system in which Wednesday afternoons are considered as working and may be used freely for oneself and one’s family, including using the afternoon for work or taking a day off.

[Details (Job Posting)]

*Cocone is working on various systems through trial and error, based on our founding desire to return time, rewards, satisfaction, and health to our employees. We are currently considering the introduction of a different system to the one described in this article.

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