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A blockchain game adaptation of a universal hand game! JANKEN starts global open beta test on December 15!

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~The world’s easiest Play&Earn game~

Cocone, the leading avatar service provider loved by 130 million customers worldwide, will begin global open beta testing of JANKEN, a Free to Play & Earn game based on MOOI, a blockchain network developed and operated by the Cocone Group, on December 15, 2022 (Thursday).
Countries not covered by the service: Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, UAE

~The world's easiest Play&Earn game~

About the Cocone Group, which is accelerating its web3 business

Cocone has developed an avatar business loved by 130 million customers and has offices in eight cities in seven countries around the world. We have a track record of more than 13 billion pieces in circulation and more than 1 million items produced in our digital assets gained from more than 10 years of avatar development. The entire group has launched nearly 10 web3 projects and is accelerating its business.

JANKEN is Play& Earn and Free to Play

Based on MOOI, a proprietary blockchain network, JANKEN is a blockchain game based on the hand game “Janken”. It is said that Janken originated in Japan and spread around the world after the 19th century. Despite the differences in names, Janken is a hand game that has penetrated many countries, and JANKEN adds original elements to the simple gameplay of Janken to create a deep sense of strategy. Winning a game of Janken earns you paid tokens (JGT). The Janken cards used in the game can be enjoyed collecting as NFTs.

– Free play also earns paid tokens and NFTs!

This service is also a Free to Play service, allowing you to play without having to purchase expensive in-game NFTs. Furthermore, players can hope to obtain paid tokens and NFTs even while continuing to play for free. The global JANKEN game is unified by a worldview that resembles an e-sport game, with simple rules that allow players to fully enjoy the fun, enjoyment, and frustration of competition.

Outline of JANKEN

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– Add strategy to Janken, a game that everyone understands! It’s not just a game of luck!

In JANKEN, a total of four Janken cards are used to play against each other. There are two types of matches: Minor Match and Major Match, both of which are played in three rounds of one set. The minor match is played in one set, and the major match is played in two sets to determine the winner. Winning a minor match earns you medals for gacha, and winning a major match earns you tokens and NFTs. In order to participate in major matches, players must obtain cards from the gacha to release their strength function.

- Adds strategy to the game of rock, paper, scissors! It's not just a game of luck!

JANKEN game cycle

JANKEN game cycle

Play Image

– Main target is Southeast Asia

This service will be offered globally, but we are focusing on the Southeast Asian market as our main target. The reason for focusing on Southeast Asia is that it is one of the few countries where blockchain games have been largely successful, and the game of rock-paper-scissors is widespread.

– Reinforcement of Janken cards

Cards used in play have rarity (Common/Rare/Epic/Lengendary*) and level. In addition, tokens and multiple cards can be used as materials to level up specific cards. The more level cards you collect, the more leagues you can participate in. There are cards with various patterns, and while enjoying collecting them as NFT, players can also express their identity by combining card patterns. *Lengendary is a ranking reward only.

Strengthening of Janken cards

– ranking

Rankings will be based on the level of the league you participated in during the event. In the Open Beta test, one season is considered to be one day each, and the total amount of rewards increases according to the total number of matches generated during the period. At the end of the ranking period, a certain percentage of tokens and ranking-only cards will be awarded according to one’s ranking.

– Customizable avatar (profile) icons

Customizable avatar (profile) icons
Customizable avatar (profile) icons
Customizable avatar (profile) icons

– road map

Customizable avatar (profile) icons

– Development and Operations Team

- Development and Operations Team

With JANKEN, Cocone will continue to focus on the operation and development of the project with the goal of ” an entertainment ” and to grow it into a blockchain project with millions of players worldwide. We also aim to foster communities around the world and hold real events such as tournaments.

<Outline of JANKEN service>

  • Title : JANKEN
  • Genre : Free to Play & Earn Blockchain game
  • Service start : December 15, 2022
  • Supported chains: MOOI network
  • Countries not covered by the service: Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, UAE *This may change in the future.

[Official website]
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MOOI, a blockchain network provided by Cocone

MOOI a blockchain network developed by POST VOYAGER PTE LTD. of the Cocone Group (located in Singapore) that specializes in the Metaverse domain, and has been in operation since this summer.
We aim to establish an intuitive UI and UX design, low transaction fees, and a fast and convenient blockchain so that customers from all walks of life can easily enjoy MOOI-based services.
Kokone Group will develop various projects on the MOOI platform, including PKCL Twin, and issue NFTs and tokens unique to its services.

[MOOI website]

Cocone's blockchain network MOOI

Services on the MOOI platform provided by the Cocone Group

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