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Dress & Earn with NFT, a dress-changeable NFT! ClawKiss, the third Web3 app, will launch its global service on Tuesday, December 20, 2012.

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Cocone, the leading avatar service provider loved by 130 million customers worldwide, will globally launch ClawKiss, a new Free to Play & Earn web3 application based on MOOI, a blockchain network operated by our group, on Tuesday, December 20, 2022.

Dress & Earn with NFT, a dress-changeable NFT! ClawKiss, the third Web3 app, will launch its global service on Tuesday, December 20, 2012.

New avatar service for SELFY brand

SELFY is an original avatar brand loved by 13 million customers in 170 countries around the world with over 130,000 items. ClawKiss is a new web3 application that uses SELFY’s IP and incorporates new games using blockchain technology.

– Living as a vampire

The setting is a world where humans and vampires mix. As a vampire, you will enjoy your daily life. In order to obtain delicious blood, you should dress up your vampire partner (avatar) beautifully. With approximately 20,000 avatars available at the time of launch, you are sure to find the right partner for you.

– Dress & Earn

It doesn’t end with fun and kawaii. With the introduction of blockchain technology, fun and kawaii is not only a given, but also a way to have fun and earn money; by getting and playing with avatars, which are sold exclusively as NFTs, you can get your own tokens. Blockchain technology proves that the digital assets you acquire are unique, and you can even sell your customized avatars on the marketplace.

Outline of ClawKiss

  • Title : ClawKiss
  • Genre : Dress and Earn GameFi (Free to Play & Earn)
  • Service start : December 20, 2022
  • Supported chains: MOOI network
  • Supported devices: iOS 11.0 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android OS 6.0 or later *Some devices may not be supported.
  • Languages in the application : English, Portuguese * Additional languages will be added and changed as needed.
  • [Official Site]
  • [Whitepaper]
  • [PV]


Vampire a metaphor for people who find it hard to live with imposed norms.

While most GameFi focuses strongly on economic aspects, ClawKiss aims to create a digital world where people who feel uncomfortable living in modern society due to imposed norms and stereotypes can express themselves as they wish and create diverse social graphs.

While talknomics will of course grow and mature, we will not only find value in the Play to Earn aspect, but also provide our customers around the world with a sense of healing and openness that only ClawKiss can offer.

As a Free to Play, it can also be enjoyed without the need to purchase or pay for NFTs. ClawKiss aims not only to provide community and creative play, but also to enrich the lives of those who play it.


Are you a vampire?”
When asked that question, most people would answer “no”.

So, have you ever suffered from imposed common sense? What if the question is, Have you ever suffered from imposed ‘common sense’?
They tell us to fall in love with the opposite sex, to marry not too early and not too late, to love reality over fiction.

People are always slaves to ‘common sense’.

Are you living your life pretending to be the majority while having a part of society that does not fit in?
Suffering while pandering to the “common sense” of the human world – it is like a vampire who avoids the sun while posing as a human being.

The web3 world is not ‘for the majority’ but ‘for all individuals’.
The realization of a world where no individual is bound by anything.
What is needed for this is a community that is free from the slavery of ‘common sense’.

Together with everyone who agrees with us, we will build a world that is easy to live in for everyone.

An unprecedented healing space for all vampires.
An irreplaceable freedom for all vampires.

Come on, take our hand.
We invite you to join the best community of vampires only.

Vampire " a metaphor for people who find it hard to live with imposed norms.

– service play

Dress & Earn

At the start of the service, approximately 1,000 fashion and interior items will be available. You can dress up your NFT avatar, ESA, with them, which can be acquired through gacha. Explore self-expression and style, create unique and stylish codecs and have fun.

Fashion items are graded in rarity and value levels, from common to epic. NFT ESAs, which are also generative NFTs, are graded based on the sum of each ESA’s individual performance and the rarity of the fashion items that can be dressed in the app.

The grade does not affect the parameters in the app, but it is a factor that defines the value when listing NFT ESAs on Jellyme, the NFT marketplace operated by the Group.

- service play
- service play

Token acquisition from ClawKiss (bloodsucking)

The happiness level can be improved by giving the ESA a spell called Charm. When the happiness level is maximized and blood sucking is performed, the player can earn the utility token KissStone ($KS) and the Blood collection, which can be used to obtain various titles. $KS and the in-app currency VCash can also be obtained by completing various missions.

CLAW, which is also a governor’s token, will be distributed through event rewards.

Token acquisition from ClawKiss (bloodsucking)

Diverse Communities

You can visit other customers’ rooms and give charms to their ESAs as well. This design allows for the natural development of mutually cooperative relationships with multiple customers. It provides an opportunity to form various community groups and enjoy connections and communication that are different from those in the real world.

Diverse Communities


NFT in ClawKiss is the ESA of avatars. Generative NFTs are generated by proprietary algorithms that regularly produce a high frequency of unique avatars with various patterns of skin and hair color, face, and style features. And unlike most NFTs, NFT ESAs are not simply works of art, but play an important role in the ClawKiss ecosystem. Besides creative play, investing in many NFT ESAs increases your chances of earning KS tokens; Free to Play customers also receive a very limited amount of $KS, but NFT ESAs are essential if you want a more complete ClawKiss experience.

<Purchase NFT>

NFT ESAs can be purchased on Jellyme, the NFT marketplace provided by the Cocone Group. New NFT ESAs will also be minted on a regular basis so that vampires can purchase several times a month.

<NFT sales>

ESAs that have been dressed up can be listed on Jellyme, and their value on the market changes according to their grade, which is based on the sum of their individual performance and the rarity of the fashion items that can be dressed up in the app.

<Mining Policy>

In order to avoid NFT overload and inflation and to protect the ClawKiss universe, the number of NFT ESAs to be minted will be adjusted based on daily customer activity and new registrations. The number of Mints may also be adjusted as we deem necessary or at our discretion.



ClawKiss is based on the MOOI blockchain operated and developed by our group. It will be a dual-token system with KissStone ($KS) and CLAW ($CLAW) tokens issued from the same chain as distribution tokens.

[Type] Utility Token

  • Purchase of ESA recovery items
  • Purchase limited items in the Mystery Box
  • Withdraw KissStone from MOOI Wallet

[Type] Governance tokens]
[Issue Limit] 100,000,000

  • Convert to V-Cash, the in-app currency, and use Mystery Box purchases
  • Fees for transferring NFT ESAs and CLAWs to MOOI wallets
  • Additional uses of CLAW will be introduced in the future
- Tokenomics

– Road map

- Roadmap

About the Cocone Group, which is accelerating its web3 business

Cocone, with its avatar business loved by 130 million customers and offices in eight cities in seven countries around the world, has a track record of more than 13 billion digital assets in circulation and more than 1 million items produced in its more than 10 years of avatar development. The entire group has launched nearly 10 web3 projects and is accelerating its business.
With more than 100 people in the group involved in blockchain and web3 business, we have the know-how of avatar services and ample resources for new projects, making it possible to provide the value of “kawaii” in a new form on a global scale and with global standards. We aim to expand the value of avatars (digital assets) owned by our customers through the enjoyment of our evolving avatar services and the use of blockchain technology.

About MOOI, a blockchain network provided by Cocone

MOOI is a blockchain network developed by POST VOYAGER PTE LTD. of the Cocone Group (located in Singapore) that specializes in the “Metaverse” domain, and has been in operation since this summer. The network aims to establish an intuitive UI and UX design, low transaction fees, and a fast and convenient blockchain so that customers from various fields can easily enjoy MOOI-based services.

Cocone Group will develop various projects on the MOOI platform, including PKCL Twins, and issue NFTs and tokens unique to the service.

[MOOI website]

About MOOI, a blockchain network provided by Cocone

<Services on the MOOI platform provided by the Cocone Group

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