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Free Wednesdays for family and for yourself. cocone my time / my day introduced from January 2023.

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Cocone, a developer and operator of avatar dress-up community apps including Pokecolo and Livly Island, as well as an NFT marketplace and blockchain network developer, will introduce a company-wide system to make Wednesday a free day for all employees starting January 2023.

Free Wednesdays for family and for yourself. cocone my time / my day introduced from January 2023.

Outline of the “cocone my time / my day” system

  • Content: A day that can be used freely in addition to working
  • Start date: January 2023
  • Target: Permanent and contract employees
  • Applicable days: Wednesdays of the week when there is no national holiday
  • Salary: No change
  • Prescribed working hours: No change by deeming the subject Wednesday to be an 8-hour workday.

This is a system for employees and contract employees in which Wednesdays (9:30~18:30) of weeks without national holidays are considered as working days and can be used freely in addition to working days.

There will be no change in salary, scheduled working hours, or deemed overtime hours as a result of the introduction of this system.

This will free up approximately 40 days per year.

Outline of the "cocone my time / my day" system
*Dates with red background are for ” my time / my day ” FY2023.

Background of Introduction

As one solution to our founding desire to create a good company, we have considered giving back time to our employees, and first introduced a 2.5-day weekend in June 2022.

The 2.5-day workweek system was introduced to increase the amount of free time available to employees without any reduction in salary by deeming every Wednesday afternoon (14:30 to 18:30) as a workday.
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After the introduction of the system, employees can now use Wednesday afternoons to visit crowded facilities on their days off, spend more time with their families, use the time without meetings to concentrate on their own work, hold team study sessions, and spend time that is meaningful to them outside of work. The company has also started to hold study sessions for each team.

While the introduction of a selective three-day workweek has been discussed, Cocone has created such a system with the intention of creating free time that contributes to work-life balance and the acquisition of knowledge and experience necessary for work without affecting the existing treatment of employees.

■Past Initiatives

Cocone operates as a company that believes that healthy living and growth for its employees is also linked to its growth as a service and a company.

In addition to a company cafeteria where lunch and dinner are provided free of charge, the company has introduced facilities such as a fresh juice bar, a café, a gym available during working hours, massages, and an infirmary staffed by a public health nurse.

We have also realized unique systems such as childcare free time and 5-year completion leave.

Cocone’s Major Initiatives
Childcare Free TimeA system whereby hours based on the number of days worked per month can be used for childcare without a reduction in pay.
5-year completion leaveA system that separately grants 30 days of paid leave to employees who have worked for 5 consecutive years and encourages them to take the leave.
Cocone Deli (company cafeteria), bar, cafeFree lunch and dinner
Deli employees are also involved in company-wide health maintenance as employees.
Gym & MassageDedicated members on staff and available during working hours
Health Office and Women’s Consultation ServiceSince women account for nearly 60% of the workforce, we have introduced a health center staffed by a public health nurse and a system that allows employees to easily seek advice.

Cocone will continue to build office spaces and systems that contribute to making each employee’s life healthy and a place for growth.

*Cocone is working on various systems through trial and error, based on our founding desire to return time, rewards, satisfaction, and health to our employees. We are currently considering the introduction of a different system to the one described in this article.

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