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Yoshimi Rokushima C.A.T. Club Project Leader
She joined Cocone in April 2022 after working in a wide range of roles at IT companies, including service and game engineer, planning and management, and business manager. Currently, as a project leader of “C.A.T. Club”, she is committed to product and team growth and problem solving.

What “C.A.T. Club” pursues, appealing to people’s “desire to collect

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– How did you decide to move to Cocone?

In my previous job, I took over and operated an existing service. In that environment, I developed a strong desire to create a new service. I could tell that they were genuinely immersed in what they were creating and were looking forward to the challenges of the global market.

– What kind of service is C.A.T. Club?

This is a service to collect 3D digital art toys rich in design. As the project leader, I focused on understanding exactly what the C.A.T. Club values at its core, and on creating a system and structure that would allow the members to focus on creating things without blurring.

– What exactly is the concept underlying the C.A.T. Club?

The concept of C.A.T. Club is “collection”. Collecting something has been an instinct of humans since the age of hunting, and it can be said that people are creatures who have shaped their own identities through repeated collecting. C.A.T. Club is a service that aims to stimulate the desire to collect by collecting digital art toys.

– If the toy is a digital art toy, it should make users want to “collect” it. If this is the case, then digital art toys must make users want to collect them, right?

That’s right. While making use of our experience with the 3D avatar service “Pokepia”, C.A.T. Club takes more time than normal 3D design, and we challenge ourselves to create expressions that are possible only with digital technology. Furthermore, by thoroughly creating the background and lighting, we sought to create a quality that would satisfy our customers even with digital items that they cannot actually hold in their hands.

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