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Lee Sejin Director, Global Studio Manager
Joined the company in 2010. In addition to working on various services as an engineer, he established the Seoul office (now Cocone M Corporation) and became its director in 2022, and is currently leading the launch of new businesses as the head of the Global Studio.

“Instinct” and “Diversity”: A Form of Service that Captures the World

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– I understand that you joined Cocone shortly after the company was founded.

Yes.When I joined the company, we were operating a language service. As we transitioned from that to avatar services such as “Pokecolo,” I was fortunate to have more opportunities to be involved in the heart of projects. We have taken on many challenges since our founding, but Cocone’s philosophy of “Empowering everyone to invent themselves in our boundless world” has never wavered.

– How do you apply the expertise you have gained over the years at Cocone in your day-to-day work?

I have been involved in the management of many projects, and I know the process by which the detailed policies of the company and projects were decided. I think it is important to be able to convey the company’s “thoughts” to the members based on such a process in order to proceed with the work. In addition, since I have worked on projects with a variety of members, I am able to make assignments that take into account the compatibility between members and projects, which is useful when launching a new project.

– What do you think is important for the Global Studio, which you lead, to create services that are successful worldwide?

The important thing is to try. Of course, we create services with the aim of achieving success, but failures are bound to occur. What is important is to learn from those failures. In addition, we thoroughly follow a methodology called the PDCA cycle. We formulate a hypothesis, test it intensively over a short period of time, and determine the future potential of the project. The faster we turn this cycle around, the less time we spend on failure, which in turn allows us to make more attempts. We gain more insight into success.

– What kind of global services does Cocone intend to offer in the future?

We want to create a service that incorporates these two elements. We would like to create a service that incorporates these two elements. Even if we differ in race, gender, age, and way of life, there must be some common sense in our DNA. With a theme that stimulates this common sense as the core, we will provide a variety of ways to enjoy the service. If we do this, I believe we can create a service that can be enjoyed by everyone in the world. In addition, we are considering actively incorporating new technologies, including AI technology, into our development to solve the problems our service faces.

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