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Yoshinori Naoi General Manager, Pokecolo Business Department
He joined Cocone in July 2022, and after participating in the launch of Metaverse-related businesses, he became the General Manager of the Pokecolo Division in November 2023. After participating in the launch of the Metaverse-related business, he became the general manager of the Pokecolo Division in November 2023, and is responsible for the development and operation of Pokecolo, which is celebrating its 12th anniversary, to make it a more enjoyable service for customers.

Obtaining “Issue” ahead of other companies,Significance of taking on the challenge of the web3 now

Magazine SWITCH Interview

– Mr.Naoi, you worked in the game industry for many years before moving to Cocone. What made you decide to change jobs?

I had the opportunity to think about what I wanted to do with the next ten years of my life. I had achieved a certain degree of success in the game industry, so I felt that I wanted to challenge myself in a new area from here on out. I was impressed by Cocone’s services and philosophy. In particular, I thought that Cocone’s service, which is based solely on the simple appeal of “cute, decorative, and wearable” was very appealing. At the time I joined Cocone, it was time for us to take on the challenge of entering the web3, so that was also a big inspiration for me.

– Since joining Cocone, you have been a key player in Cocone’s web3-related projects.

I believe that Cocone’s vision for the digital world is to enable customers to have experiences in the digital world that are the same as or better than those in the real world. In pursuing such a future, I believe it is necessary for us to have a solid understanding of how to utilize and operate cryptographic assets and blockchain technology. There are still many issues to be addressed in the web3 area, but by taking on the challenges ahead of other companies, we will be able to examine and improve our services faster than they can be implemented. We can create a situation where other companies that are trying to tackle web3 services will be behind the curve. That is a big plus from a big picture perspective.

– This year marks the twelfth anniversary of Pokecolo, for which you are the business manager. Please tell us about Pokecolo’s vision for the future.

Pokecolo has many possibilities for evolution, such as adding a few game elements or strengthening the social networking aspect. However, I think we should simply pursue its potential as an avatar application once again. I think it is already one of the best avatar apps in Japan, but I believe that there are still hidden variations in the ideal worldviews of our customers and the forms they wish to express. We would like to continue to grow in a way that is close to the enjoyment our customers seek, so that we can resolve hidden needs and offer new possibilities as an avatar app.

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